Sunday, February 04, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

Here's a photo of the dairy-free birthday cake and dairy-free food craft we had yesterday. We had a construction theme for the party, so the craft was making traffic cones to put on an icing road. The cone idea was inspired by gingerbread house trees. (Good idea, Gramma!) To make the cones, spread icing on sugar ice cream cones and roll them in colored sugar. Our traffic cones are yellow instead of orange, but you get the idea. For the base, spread icing on a paper plate or piece of cardboard and decorate it with icing and more colored sugar to look like a road and grass. Thanks to Miss Heather and Miss Renee for leading craft time! Next time we'll have to make some cars or trucks for the roads.

I used Food Club yellow cake mix and white icing for the cake (available at Bilo for anyone who lives in the GC area.) County Market's Flavorite brand is also safe, as long as you don't use the white cake mix. The same goes for Food Club - chocolate and yellow mixes are Ok, but not white. For some reason I've always had better luck with generic food brands being dairy free. We also used store-bought icing for the craft so the kids could eat it. Enjoy!

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