Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I'm a Big Chicken Person

That's what I said on my first date with a guy when he asked me what kinds of food I liked. He laughed. A lot. I hope he's gotten some mileage out of that story.

So, speaking of chicken, here's the "top secret family recipe" of one of our postpartum meal delivery people. She was kind enough to let me in on the secret, and so I share it with you. I bet you could easily replace the egg and make it egg-free as well as dairy-free.

Also, have you ever had City Chicken? (Just replace the butter with margarine to make it dairy free.) Apparently, we Pennsylvanians and our odd customs are getting some national attention thanks to our April 22 primary.

I'm off to thaw ground turkey, not chicken, for our dinner. I'm a big turkey person, too.


  1. My MIL made this for us, but she didn't thaw the frozen chicken all the way first. It finished thawing in the oven, so the chicken was basically cooked in a pool of water surrounded by soggy onion residue. It may have been my worst meal ever.

    But we all agreed that if properly thawed and then baked (instead of poached) it would be MUCH better.

  2. I am also a chicken person and my husband hates it, perhaps even ABHORS it. He is so weird. He only likes it when chicken doesn't taste like chicken, but then he also claims that chicken is flavorless...whatever.

    Now I'm hungry.

  3. I make chicken fingers with potato chips, because I am SUPER classy.

  4. Beck--Classy AND gluten free!

  5. funny...I totally just discovered the recipe for the french onion flaked chicken and tried it last week. We did take out the egg for allergies and I dipped it in Smart Balance Light instead. Turned out just great! And I also used the Walmart brand of onion things because they were cheaper.
    Thanks for the other recipes.