Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Food Allergy Drawing Contest

Andrea Garza of, is hosting a drawing contest! She writes, "...I am an 18 year old allergic individual who created to help others find the answers to their FA questions, and find the support they need. I would like to inform you about the upcoming Food Allergy Drawing Contest.... This contest is a way for food allergic individuals to creatively express their lives with food allergies. The drawing contest begins July 1st and ends July 18th. The theme this year is is to 'draw a picture that captures either a past memory or a future instance where food allergies have had a positive impact on your life.' There will be four winners in age groups (5-8), (9-12), (13-15), and (16+). Contestants can find more information here:"

Sounds like a great summer project for allergic kids, doesn't it?


  1. For allergic individuals. Young allergic individuals.

  2. Positive impact?
    I think I'll try it with my 6 yr old - but I fear she will draw herself with a little cupcake at a birthday party as the only one not eating the cake and ice cream! For some reason this seems to be just about the only thing she REALLY hates about food allergies.

  3. Yes, Swistle. Quite. Although, what's the top age limit for the 16+ division? Maybe anyone can do it.

    Grace--I was thinking more along the lines of "the time my friend brought a snack that was safe" or "the time my friend kept me safe at school" or whatever.

  4. I love this in so many ways. First, that this girl at 18 is such a go-getter and created this site with this purpose. And that this contest gives all ages a chance to creatively draw about their food allergies. AND that it's a POSITIVE impact -- focusing on the good of a situation! How adorable! I want to make Johnny enter! ;) hahahha Can you just imagine his submission and underneath "Johnny, age 32"

  5. I know! I'm very impressed with her.

    Personally, I would love to see "Little Johnny's" entry. :)

  6. Wow. What a strong, powerful, positive contest that puts the right attitude and mindset in allergic kids (individuals).

  7. Hi!

    Grace--here are some of the examples I have listed on my website: "eating a nutritious meal, a future realization of how allergies opened your eyes to the importance of a healthy diet (lead to a healthy future), or how you got to skip out on those yucky, unhealthy, school lunches and bring your own...etc." Hope this helps? And the suggestions that NoWheyMama commented on are also great ^_^

    NoWheyMama/Swistle/Christina: The youngest age eligible to enter in the contest is 5, and there is no age limit! So even "Little Johnny" can enter! =]

    Christina and N.W.M.-- Thank you so much for your very kind words. I truly appreciate them!!!

    I know that the contest theme of being a "positive" impact may make some think twice... but it is very important to see things in a positive light. For me, learning about food allergies-and what I have to watch out for (such as GMO), opened my eyes to so many other things (such as the un-healthy corn syrup, preservatives, pesticides, GM, and the importance of Organic, etc.)

    Hope this helps, and best of luck to all contest participants!!

    -Andrea Garza

  8. How fun! I may have to get my little guy to draw a picture once we get home from vacation.

  9. Hi again! Did not mean to imply that we don't keep a positive attitude around our house. We always say we eat healthier b/c we don't eat out and we stick mostly to homemade foods and non-processed foods and natural foods.

    I think the contest is a great idea. It isn't always easy to see the "positive" in food allergies. Thanks for sponsoring it Andrea. It will be interesting to see the entries and winners.

  10. Ha! Grace, I don't think of you as negative AT ALL. No worries. :)

  11. Hi Grace =] I agree with n.w.m- I think that you and your family are positive people :)

    Thank you for the kind words, and I will post a comment after the contest with the winning drawings!

    Thanks everyone :)