Thursday, January 08, 2009

C'mon People, Now

* Are you on Facebook? Why haven't you mentioned it to me? Tell me so I can find you and see all of the embarrassing photos your college friends posted of you. (Or is that just me?)

* Send in a recipe or twelve to the next Pillsbury Bake-Off so maybe we can all hang out together in Orlando next Spring.

* Scott just got a cell phone through his work, so we're going to change our home plan to just one phone. What service do you like/is the cheapest?

* I am happy to see some bloggers back at it and sad that some others are taking breaks. Le sigh.

* Do your children have ice skates? What kind do you like?

* Random much?


  1. haha yes, I have facebook. Only embarrassing photos I put up of myself. You can search my email I think is how it works.

    For home we use At&T and they do a nice little bundle with the long distance. Cell I've stuck with T-Mobile for years and years after hating US Cellular and some other horrible company I blocked from memory.

  2. Forgot to mention that I'm going to be posting a giveaway in a few minutes -- so check my blog to enter and pass it on!

  3. So I Facebook - but yeah- not giving you my name... Luckily there aren't many bad pictures of me up...

    As for phone, we just have cells. We use Alltel because of the coverage where our families live (it and Verizon are the only ones with good coverage in these places).

    And I agree that I am sad that some people aren't blogging as much!

  4. The only answer I have is that YES I am on Facebook. Hmmm... don't really want to post my full name here, though. I'll email you instead!

  5. I'm on facebook too. No photo's of me (yet!). Search me out, I'd love to friend you. Finding Janeen from Ohio shouldn't be that hard :)
    My kids don't ice skate. I don't ice skate so I can't teach them and currently they have enough outside school activities that I have no room for lessons. I did buy them roller skates and have tried to teach them that and believe me, they are very uncoordinated children :)

  6. No facebook for me. I'm much too private for that!

    My children do have ice skates. I like these ones because they are size-adjustable and they actually fit for more than one season. Also, the girls ones don't have the picks on the front (for figure skating), which usually trip them up.

  7. Just started Facbebook a few months ago. I had to "ground" myself from it as I was spending WAY too much time on it. I'll email you!

    I've never bought ice skates. Maybe I should....

    T-mobile has a new "homeline" plan that you can add for like $10/month if you are a T-mobile customer. We still have a regular phone line as I used to work for the phone company, so I still grudgingly give them SOME business. But it's a metered line. It's about $8.00/month, and then you get charged 8 cents for all local outbound calls (it's more for LD,but I never use it for that)--but inbound calls are free. (We also have it as the phone co has a very good DSL deal, and you have to have a phone line to have DSL). Anyway, I just use my cell to make outbound calls. Cheap and works great, and I don't have that motherly panic of "What if there's an emergency and my cell phone isn't charged?"

    Wow. That answer was waaay too long!

  8. I am considering the Facebook thing, but I like to think I keep my blog pretty anonymous and am not sure if I want a Facebook for my real life people, and then hook it to my blog. BUT If I had a Facebook just for bloggy folks...well, I would have exactly 5 "friends". I have some people in my past that I truly enjoy hiding from. Who wants to be found? Not me.

    In the end, I am ambivalent.

  9. I'll be your friend...

  10. I'm your facebook friend!!!

  11. I don't have facebook... well, I created an account once to try to find someone who told me to look them up, but I used fake info since at the time I had no interest in joining and now I can't remember the login or password...

  12. What exactly does a Pillsbury bake-off entail? Does one have to buy Pillsbury products? I will have to look into this, as I don't think I have EVER had a Pillsbury product ... yes, I swear, I am an American.

    We have had Voice over IP for years now, so we don't technically have a "phone service." Just internet, and no real cell phone to speak of, so we have been a one number household for a long time.

    No break here, just slow on making anything interesting!

  13. got hooked on fb a few months ago...look me up...

  14. You already found me on Facebook. :) I'm looking for roller skates for Kayla. Not sure about ice skates. :)