Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas around the world

When the kids were Mario and Luigi for Halloween, Scott ordered their hats on Ebay. That Ebay seller just sent him a festive email:

"Thank you for your support to us on ebay. We had a good deal experience with you in the past!

Now Christmas will come. If you have not prepared for Xmas presents, we hope you can come back and visit our ebay store again.

You know it is one good idea to get the cheap Xmas presents for Children from China.

But you know it is one long time to your country from China. So we suggest you can do one earlier plan to order Xmas items."

Oh yes, it is one good idea to get the cheap Christmas presents for children from China. I think I read that in the news.

A few weeks ago, we went to a German Christmas celebration in an old German settlement town. At the end of our evening we ran into Weihnachtsmann, (Christmas Man), the German Father Christmas. He was dressed in his traditional Father Christmas finery and spoke with a strong German accent. After greeting the little ones, he spoke to Katherine for several minutes. He taught her how to say Merry Christmas in German (Fröhliche Weihnachten!) and told her about the little girl who always helps him on Christmas Eve.
Then he said, "And how is your room?"
Katherine: *big eyes*
Father Christmas: "Have you cleaned it yet?"
Katherine: *shakes head 'no'*
Father Christmas: "Ah, yes. You know, I help Santa Claus, and he was asking about that. Shall I tell him you'll work on it?"
Katherine: *nods 'yes'*
Father Christmas: "Oh, good."

You rock, Weihnachtsmann. We'll think of you on Saint Nicholas Day.


  1. German Santas scare me ever since reading about them in high school German class. Have you ever read about Schmutzli (although I think it's Swiss) - he's a little evil elf that follows Santa around and beats naughty kids with broomsticks. It's so creepy!!

    I'm glad Schmutzli wasn't there to scare your kids (unless scaring is a good idea to keep them in line) ;)

  2. I think all Santas should ask that question - it would make the moms seem a little less naggy!

  3. Cheap presents from China! YESSSS!

  4. Oh I need to take my kids to see THAT guy!

  5. I'd like Father Christmas to live in our house for awhile.

  6. "Oh yes...I think I read that in the news"---HA HA HA HA HA *gasp* HA HA HA HA HA!

    I love Father Christmas. What a good idea to emphasize room cleaning.

  7. I love it. Great story! I agree, all Santas should start doing that. Mothers would line up for miles.

  8. That's so neat that you went to German Christmas! We saw an older man that looked like santa at the post office a week ago. He was even wearing a red sweatshirt. We told the B that he was checking to be sure children were behaving in public. She didn't make a peep the whole time I was waiting in line. *Laughs* that's probably horrible isn't it?

  9. I've never met a German Father Christmas. I've met an Asian one though.
    LOL. Weihnachtsmann is a wise guy. Are you sure mothers weren't behind that? ;-)

  10. Germans have the best words.

  11. Did you pay that guy ahead of time?