Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Odds and Ends

Christina has a birthday giveaway going on through Friday, October 30th. You could win two great cookbooks! (I own both these books and highly recommend them.) I won her last giveaway and am currently enjoying this cookbook and looking forward to this one arriving today! Thank you, Christina!

A friend of Alisa's designed this cool, circular, year-round poster calendar. Someone needs to get this for me my children for Christmas.

image courtesy of Earth Cycle Calendars

Scottish Twins and Marie each gave me a blog award. Thank you both!

Imagine my surprise when I found a Swistle gift package waiting on my porch the other day! Imagine my surprise when I found that my camera batteries were dead and I couldn't photograph it! But I'm sure you can imagine the richness: Shirts for Helen! Dishtowels! A Mother-in-Law Mug! Measuring spoons! Measuring cups! Lots and lots of paper goodies! A book! A pencil! Thank you, Swistle!
Edit: Swistle has a giveaway going on at her review blog right now.

Food Allergy Assistant found a recipe for homemade candy corn that she made dairy free.

And if you want some creepy Halloween reads, Beck is (fictionally) killing off beloved children's characters on her blog.


  1. Wow, a chance to win 2 cookbooks, awards and a gift package...what a great week! That calendar looks cool.

  2. That calendar is awesome. And a Swistle package?! Lucky lady!!

  3. I love that calendar. Me want.

    Thanks for the mention! I've had a lot of fun writing those.

  4. You got a Mother-in-law MUG! Oh!!!!! You lucky, lucky lady!

    The Evil Beck has been thoroughly entertaining this month, hasn't she???

  5. Thanks for all the info!!

    I MUST have that calendar :)

  6. Thanks for the shoutout! I can't wait to get Ree's book today, either! I haven't used the slow cooker one yet, I need to browse through it!

  7. woah thats so cool that you found a recipe for homemade candy corn thats dairy free!! yay :)

  8. AAH!! I want that calendar...SO freaking COOL!
    And what an awesome package!

  9. Dude, a care package from Swistle would be right up there with daily maid service! Yay!!