Monday, February 09, 2009

When Pack Rats Breed

If you drive by our house this Trash-day morning, you might think we are moving. Sorry to disappoint you, Single Next Door Neighbor We Irritate! We're never leaving the homestead! I just cleaned out the basement this weekend!

Here are the before and after photos:

HAHAHAHAHA! As if!! NOBODY gets to see that hot mess--not even family. We m i g h t not die of horror if someone saw the basement now, but we would probably faint. It's getting there, though. I passed along some clothing and put some items in their rightful places, but most of it was garbage. And it's GONE!

I need a nap.

What projects have you been working on? Any organizational/cleaning tips to share with the class?


  1. Ha ha! After I do a cleaning project I always wish I'd taken Before pictures, but if I actually DO take Before pictures it's VERY HARD to admit them!

  2. You tease! I love befores and afters (although, I always think it's brave to post the before!)

    We've been working on the basement too. It's slow work because it's mostly Homer's stuff and he's not quite as motivated as I am to rummage through it and be done with the project!

  3. I refreshed the page expecting to see a picture! You tease!
    You could have thrown a tarp over the pile just to show up the size!

    We found moving every few years to help with the pack-rat nature, although we don't want to move again for long while...
    Maybe act like you are moving, put everything into boxes, and then put things away? As you need them?

  4. My bedroom is just a mess. I was just thinking about this like TWO SECONDS AGO. I am going to get that table out of there, and clean out the books and...

    just basically get it togehter.

  5. OMG, I feel like such a dork, you totally fooled me!

    I have been staring at a pile of magazines I have to go through (I am a magazine addict) so I can recycle them. I was going to have that giant stack (or 4) vanished by 2009 ... it hasn't moved.

  6. Oh! Oh! Totally before reading this I posted about some, er, intended projects. It must be project season.

  7. Also, I took a before picture of the table (shaa, as if my living room actually always looks like that) - do you daaaaare me to post it?

  8. haha You got me excited for nothing!

    I just did a super cleaning of our laundry room (aka throw everything from old doors to used dryer sheets on the floor and try not to trip and fall) b/c the hot water heater installer guys were coming. I didn't want to embarass myself by having (and I quote) "The worst I've ever seen" condition of a water heater AND a filthy laundry room to boot.

    No before and after pictures, either!

  9. I'm such a dufus I actually refreshed! That's funny.

    My garage was clean a month ago. Now, uh, um, COUGH, not so much...

  10. I have to rearrange some of the kitchen cabinets. NOT looking forward to it, and I seriously doubt there will be pictures of either the before or after variety.

  11. I wanted to clean out my basement in January, but didn't get very far. Managed to throw a few things away, but moving the rest of the stuff around and vacuuming the weird indoor/outdoor carpet really made a bizarre amount of difference!

  12. Good for you. I've been working on reorganizing my desk and office. Almost done - I have some things now to get up on ebay.