Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Baby Food

I was fortunate to receive some coupons for free baby food from Happy Baby. However:
  1. The closest location I can find to purchase Happy Baby food is 30 minutes away.
  2. My happy baby is no longer eating baby food, anyway.
So! Who wants to win two coupons for Happy Baby fresh frozen organic baby meals, valued at @$10 total? Leave a comment by, oh, let's say, Friday, February 27th at noon. If you need a topic, tell me about your favorite online place to shop for food (bulk, allergen-free, whatev).


  1. I'll take 'em!! My baby is just starting baby food and I'm trying to figure out how best to feed him (it seems allergies might already be an issue.)

  2. Fabulous as that looks, there are no babies in my immediate circle. And after reading down some posts - Pilsbury Pie Crust mix is THE BEST. Everyone always asks what recipe I used. It is: The. Best.
    Also, as for gardening - seeds are cheap, cheap, cheap. I say go for it! You can always use what you didn't plant next year.

  3. I have two nephews who could use that food. My sister is not a very healthy eater, so I love feeding the boys organic food whenever possible.

  4. I think I have seen those at our Super Target. I would love the coupon. Thanks for the chance.

  5. PICK ME!! PICK ME!!! (I don't buy any food online today)