Friday, February 06, 2009

Insert Title Here

The latest Living With Food Allergies Blog Carnival is up at Go Dairy Free.

Alisa is giving away gourmet chocolate (that crazy girl) at One Frugal Foodie.

If you should ever need a recipe for manna cookies (It could happen.), this one is very good and has the added benefit of not requiring FOUR CUPS of finely chopped almonds. I made the cookies with margarine instead of butter, of course.

I just made Dog Hill Kitchen's recipe for dairy-free hot chocolate mix, minus the vanilla powder because I don't have any. Also, my poor, deprived children will be mixing it with water, not additional soy milk. It tastes just fine.

Whoever keeps finding my recipe for Russian Hot Pot because you are searching for "hot Russians" and "hotrussiansdotnet," Ew. Go away.


  1. I've had Premium Chocolatiers Chocolate, that is being given away, it is wonderfull dairy and nut free aside.

  2. That's funny. Hot russians! Maybe you'll have to change the name to...Russian Warm Pot!

  3. At least the hot Russians are dairy-free. Wouldn't want them to have to bust out the epi-pen.