Friday, April 27, 2007

Splendid, Indeed

Last night, Miss Katherine and I had a "just us" date. Eli got to be spoiled by Gramma and Grandad all evening, and Scott... Scott was at work helping freshmen register for their sophomore fall semester. So, almost everyone had a good time.

K. and I went to our community library to see author and illustrator Suzanne Bloom. Her book, A Splendid Friend, Indeed, is this year's Pennsylvania One Book Every Child selection. And she was here! In our little library! She read A Splendid Friend, Indeed, along with her book The Bus For Us. She drew a picture of a dragon and then gave it to the library, and she showed some of her current artwork, as well as drawings she made as a child. ("Because her mother saved her drawings!" my mom commented later. Nothing like reinforcing my family's pack-rat tendencies.)

She was so engaging and such a wonderful speaker, the kids felt comfortable at once and eagerly participated. But I think their parents were even more excited. After her talk was over, we purchased copies of A Splendid Friend, Indeed for Katherine, Eli, and our neighbor-friends who weren't able to come. Ms. Bloom asked Katherine to spell her name, which she did, and then she spelled Eli's as well. ("Why does my name have nine letters and Eli's only has three?")

So now we have another autographed book to add to our small collection (see below), to read and remember the night we met the lovely woman who made this story.

P.S. I would also recommend last year's One Book Every Child selection, Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse, and not just because Katherine's Grandad read it to her storytime group.


  1. Oh, man. I need to start checking the library's main branch because NO ONE ever comes to our dinky little library.

  2. Our children's librarian tries really hard to get one illustrator or writer of children's books here every year. She does a great job.