Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We spent a portion of yesterday evening in the basement avoiding tornadoes.

My mom and I are going to a canning workshop Thursday evening. Mom: "Comes the revolution, we'll be ready." She cracks me up.

The high school is discontinuing the school paper, so the current editor asked former editors to write about what the paper means to them. I *may* have gone a tiny bit off the rails and talked about the importance of keeping the newspaper going--with or without school funding. Heh.

I am letting K. go on her field trip without me. I am nervous. She will be in a group with her teacher, who is well-versed in Epipens. I will load her up with a million wipes, meds, her own food, etc. And pray.

I think we are seeing the light at the end of the potty-training tunnel. We're bidding on used Leapster 2s on Ebay trying to get one for a reward/toy for summer travel. Is it a much bigger present than the older siblings earned? Yes. Do we care? No. Desperate times, people. Desperate times.


  1. I would love a detailed account of your potty training procedures. I'm about to be thrown into that task and my very nervous. I like hearing everyone elses experiences.

  2. You know, someone ought to take your School Board out and...at the very least question their sanity. Are they stuck in a mass of groupthink? On what planet is this OK?

    You must be so frustrated.

    I am thinking of you and K with the field trip. Oh, the fingers are crossed. Deep breath in, deep breath out.

  3. Do you know what we bought our eldest for a potty training reward (read: reward for pooping on potty rather than fetching himself a pullup, going into the bathroom, putting on the pullup, pooping in pullup, saying "I pooped!" and me having to change the pullup, for the love of god, the toilet is so much easier!!!)?

    We bought him a traffic cone. A bright orange traffic cone. It was the one thing he wanted most in the world. The traffic cone still sits in our basement.

  4. Ohh canning workshop! I'm jealous!

  5. Hope the field trip was okay! We haven't let our daughter go on one w/out us yet but I am sure it will happen eventually.

    The weather has been insane, no? I'm waiting up tonight because there is more of it coming our way...

    While I kind of understand the newspaper thing it also makes me sad.

    Good luck w/ potty training - we really need to get on that w/ our three year old this summer...

  6. Oh geez, glad you are all okay! I've never seen or been through a tornado, but it seems one did hit in a part of Washington (northwest!) last week. Crazy.

    Hope K had fun and mama got some sleep while she was away!