Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Today was the last day of preschool. I managed not to cry during the cute little ceremony, mainly because the college president called my son "Ellie H_______."

So now summer begins for the littlest ones, and I am starting to collect (free) ways to spend the time, especially when it is raining and 40 degrees. Here's what I've found so far.

Barnes and Noble has a summer reading program for kids in first through sixth grade, where you can earn a free book and be entered in a drawing for a Nook. Borders has one, too, for kids twelve and under.

Scholastic has a Summer Reading Challenge.

We'll be doing our local library's summer reading program, too, of course.

PNC's Grow Up Great program has fun Sesame Street activities to download. You can call and request free items, too.

If you have Dolly Parton's Imagination Library in your area, SIGN UP. Kids receive one free book a month from birth to age 5.

And of course we'll be playing Chore Wars.

That's all I've got. Help?

Edit: Misty mentioned crafts. FamilyFun is always good for ideas, and Swistle just posted about craft gifts at Milk and Cookies.


  1. Gardening? When it warms up in your area I mean.
    My daughter loves to go out with me and water the flowers and talk the vegetables into growing.

    We also do bug hunts. That's always a crowd pleaser.

    (If you can't tell, I'm into activities that don't involve leaving the house. Gas is too high.)

  2. Yes! Because this summer I can bend over! The eldest already has the middle two keeping nature journals, but bug hunts are a great idea.

  3. I keep trying to find crafting how-tos. Do you have a craft closet or something of that ilk? Maybe you could have Monday Crafty Creations or something like that with the supplies you already have.

  4. Our Eli often gets called Ellie. What is the DEAL? SOUND IT OUT.

  5. Really? Eli = Ellie? That would never occur to me to be an issue.

    Chore Wars!!! Still need to get on that!

  6. Wow, preschool is over already? But it's only the fourth of May! It's Star Wars Day!

    Um, I don't really have many good ideas except homemade playdough - always a huge hit - and vinegar and baking soda science experiments.