Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Honor thy mother

Nowheymama: Mom, we saw a really interesting documentary the other night.

Nowheymama's Mom: Really?

Nowheymama: Yeah! The whole way through it made me think of you. I kept thinking, "This movie just says 'Mom' to me!"

Nowheymama's Mom: Wow! What's it called?

Nowheymama: Uh... It's called 'Fat Head.'

Nowheymama's Mom: Nice. Just what every mother wants to hear.


  1. I hadn't heard of it and now I can't wait to watch it. Thanks for the link!!

    I'm a firm believer that we need fat to be healthy. Modern diet food drives me batty!

  2. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAA! Poor No Whey, Mama's Mom.

  3. This movie just says "Mom" to me - hahahahah!!!!!