Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey Howdy Hey

Katherine's field trips went fine. She was almost given a snack with white chocolate in it at her school's field day, but she caught it. I love that girl. She and her best friend just got their ears pierced and look entirely too grown up.

Potty Training 2011 is almost 100% done, thank goodness. Nik-Nak asked for potty training advice. HAHAHAHAH. The best advice I have is throw everything at it and see what works. Reward chart, big gift at the end, jelly beans every time you go, wearing underwear, going commando around the house--we've done it all, and it's been a different technique that's worked with each kid. That, and it seems as if I have to totally lose my Dr. Sears zen attitude and declare that we're going back to diapers. Magically, they get it only after I've passed that point.

Uh, you think I'd have more news. Our veggies are growing, the baby is crawling and teething, Eli is reading (Reading!), we've been on our first trip of the summer, Scott replaced the playhouse roof that the birds pecked holes in (Try pecking a hole in plywood, you stupid wrens!), and I'm happy to have everyone home from school. Yay, summer.

Chicken and Asparagus Lemon Pasta

In a large crockpot, put two sliced onions and three lemon halves, seeds removed. Place a whole chicken on top, seasoned inside and out with whatever you like. I used Jane's Krazy Mixed Up Salt. Add a cup of chicken broth and/or white wine. Cook until the chicken is done. (I used a mostly-frozen chicken and cooked it on high all day.) Remove the chicken and let it cool on a cutting board. Strain the broth and return it to the crockpot. Squeeze the lemon pulp into the broth. Add raw asparagus, broken into one-inch pieces. Cook in the broth until tender. Shred the chicken. Add half to the crockpot and save half for another meal. Add 3/4 lb. cooked pasta (I used bowties.) Stir and heat through. Taste for salt.


  1. Mmmm. That pasta sounds good.

    My baby is crawling and teething too! Although I am pretty sure he is older than yours. :)

  2. This is exactly the advice that makes me want to vomit. NO GOOD NEWS! Ugh. Potty training, can I pass her off to someone else until it's all over?

    I will run will the jelly beans though. People always say m & ms but I'm not crazy about her stuffing her face with chocolate all the time.

  3. Sorry Nik Nak, there's just nothing good about potty training except the end result.

    Did I ever tell you about the friend whose daughter was trained at 18 months? This woman was convinced she was the greatest mother ever. She was convinced she had the secrets of the universe. Then she had a second, a little boy, and he was successfully trained at age four.

  4. I love how responsible K is about her allergy!!! You did a fantastic job w/ that, seriously.

    Just spent 4 days w/ my God daughter and her little sister, who is potty training. I had to baby sit her a few days while mom and big sis went to camp. Wow, we had some accidnets. Didn't realize how hard it is. I finally ended up just letting her walk around bare butt and giving her M&Ms for success. haha

    LOVE this crockpot recipe!!! Totally trying it out!