Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The more you know

Tired of hiding food you don't like in your napkin or saying your stomach hurts? Try this excuse:
"Um, Mom? I'm allergic to spicy foods now, I think."

Hey, it works for your sister about dairy.


  1. funny. And my husband and I cant stand onions yet a certain person we know LOVES to make EVERYTHING with onion so I simply started telling her I am she is a bad cook. LOL. Its a win win for me. haha.

  2. Brilliant!

    JennyMac - I feel the same way about onion. My MIL always heaps onion into every dish. When I was pregnant I told her that it made me throw up (only a white lie). Unfortunately it only worked for 9 months...

  3. My daughter told me the other day

    "I'm not allowed to Bwoccowee (broccoli)" (she says her brother is 'not allowed to chocolate' 'not allowed to milk' 'not allowed to gwooo-ten'

    :) :)

  4. Miss A tries to pull the "allergy" card all the time, even not related to food! Especially when her sister has something she wants- she'll tell me that she thinks her sister is allergic and shouldn't be playing with the toy before she gets hurt!