Friday, May 01, 2009

The Times, They are A Changin'

Our elementary school principal is retiring at the end of the summer. Will this be a good change for the food allergic kids, or a case of the devil you know...?

I've been invited to be on a panel for May 15th's Food Allergy Twitter Party at, um, 10:30 PM EST. HAHAHAHA!! You should be able to get some pretty amusing answers to your questions from the girl who's bedtime is 9 PM. And who is still learning to use Twitter.

The latest Living With Food Allergies Blog Carnival is up at Sure Foods Living.

My all-time favorite college professor (who is also an alumnus of the college) has been let go from my alma mater due to "budgetary reasons." I just got my alumni newsletter with a photo of the college president cutting the ribbon on a new building named for him (the president). I don't think I'll be sending in my paltry donations anymore since they don't seem to be going to what I consider to be important.

So, May is "nursery month" at our church, which means that this is traditionally when the nursery director asks for donations, diapers, etc. We're in pretty good shape as far as supplies right now, so here's what I want to do: This Sunday I want to stand up in each service with a baby (we have only two regularly-attending babies at each service) and say that what the nursery needs is babies. So start inviting young families to the church because the reason we're not out of supplies is because there aren't enough children in the nursery to use them.

What? Too much?


  1. You might be joking about that last thing, but it might be the humorous way to get people's attention. I'd mention it to the pastor and see what he says. I know our pastor would laugh and say "go for it."

  2. The last one made me laugh! I would mention it to the nursery director or pastor though. We need to grow our church nursery too - since there isn't anyone who stays in there these days (there are 3 kids under 3, but they all sit with their parents - including our little one).

  3. Re: your college -- The president named a building after HIMself?! A little tacky, no? I'd be embarrassed.

    Re: nursery -- Sounds good to me! I heard a similiar story from the parent of some of my craft class students. We were wondering why nobody signs up for our Friday Night Out classes - yet, when we take them down there's a huge uproar and everybody asks for that option. (This has happened twice) She said she runs a similiar program at their church and in the past 6 months only two families have used it, but when they announced in the church bulletin they were removing it, everybody cried foul and said they'll use it - and still haven't! You just can't win!

  4. One of the nicest things someone said to me when I first started taking the kids to church was "Thank you for bringing your children here today. I loved hearing their voices and I loved seeing them." When I expressed fear that they were disturbing, the person assured me that they were NOT, that the few times they spoke loudly during the service or dropped their crayons, that person was reminded of her own, far-away grandchildren, and so it made her happy.

  5. I'll try to stay up for that twitter thing. Not sure I'll make it. It's past my bedtime too. :) Especially since my support group will be decked out in food allergy support group t-shirts and standing outside the Today Show bright and early that morning trying to get some media time for food allergies. :) I think I'll be a wee bit tired!

    Funny - good idea with the church nursery.

  6. Babies come in booms, I swear. Our church can't stop popping them out.

    Might be a bit much though ;)

  7. I am glad you'll be at the Twitter party! I know the start time is late, but we had to do something so we could be online at the same time as our west coast pals! :) I confess I did a late night Twitter Party recently and after about 1 hour, I was too tired to keep up with the stream of conversation! Coffee--that's what we'll need...