Monday, May 12, 2008

Food Allergy Awareness Week

This week, May 11-17, is the The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network's eleventh annual Food Allergy Awareness Week. FAAN's website states: "This week is devoted to food allergies. There are lots of ways to get involved—visit a local ambulance provider to learn about epinephrine, hang posters, have a fundraiser, talk to legislators, everything helps." Other suggestions for getting involved are here.

One of my favorite FAAN programs is the Be a PAL: Protect a Life from Food Allergies program, which has easy steps for nonallergic children to help their allergic friends:
"Anyone can be a PAL by following these five easy steps:
  • 1. Never take food allergies lightly.
  • 2. Don’t share food with friends who have food allergies.
  • 3. Wash your hands after eating.
  • 4. Ask what your friends are allergic to, and help them avoid it.
  • 5. If a friend who has food allergies becomes ill, get help immediately!"
  • PALs can be thanked with a free certificate from the website.


    1. I love that you are a champion for the entire cause, not just what affects K. I wish I, or my parents, had known someone like you when I was a kid with a horrible milk allergy.

      I think you're the greatest. :)

    2. Aww....
      *kicks carpet*

      And I love hearing about the experiences of adults who had/have serious food allergies.

    3. I was lump classified in to lactose intolerant but it was so much more for me. Aside from my own parents, my very favorite great aunt (Helen) was the only person to make concessions for me—always with a non-dairy food choice AND dessert. She was the greatest. I did outgrow the hardcore portion of the allergy, but dairy does still have an effect on me today. And I can’t even stand the smell of milk; I would never even consider tasting it.

    4. Saly-- What about dairy as an ingredient? Cheese? Ice cream? I want to know!