Thursday, May 29, 2008

Days in the Life

Think it's Monday all day. Wonder why the mother in charge of Friday's Summer Birthdays party at Kindergarten hasn't called me yet.
Almost miss baby's four-month appointment. What genius scheduled it for 9 am the morning after a holiday? (Answer: Me.) Let toddler get a lollipop at doctor's office. Stop at grocery store on the way home with fussy baby and lollipop juice-covered toddler. Buy baby Tylenol and $75 in other "essentials."
Come home from doctor's office to find message from Teacher. Please call her, re: I am the mother in charge of the Summer Birthdays party.
Call several irritated mothers to assign them party duties.
Remember the van's registration expires this month. Call to schedule an inspection and hear, "You weren't expecting to get in by the end of the month, were you, Honey?"
Eat the rest of the leftover carrot cake from Memorial Day picnic.

Daddy leaves on four-day trip at 5:30 am. It's time for our yearly visit to Leftbehindville.
Baby wakes up fussy because of four-month shots.
Get Kindergartner ready for school so Grandad can drive her. (Thank you, Grandad!)
Pay bills.
Listen to Toddler tell story over and over of how he road on Grandad's tractor.
"Da, mooie tchra? Seat. Ride. Wheel. Hai turn. Katin turn. Nooo, Katin!!!! Nooo!!! Hai turn! Hai turn! Hai turn. Bye, mooie tchra."
["Grandad's tractor? I sat on it. I rode it. I turned the wheel. Eli had a turn. Katherine had a turn. No, Katherine! It's Eli's turn! Eli's turn! Eli had another turn. Bye, tractor."]
Eat leftover oatmeal cookies from Memorial Day picnic.
Kindergartner returns home. Feed everyone lunch. Nurse baby. Put Toddler and Baby down for naps. Decide to clean out the basement to get away from incessant Kindergartner chattiness:
"A long time ago, but not a long time ago, a little while ago, but not a little while ago, a long time ago, but not so long, Eli and I were jumping in rain puddles. Do you remember that?"
Kindergartner loses a tooth.
Take Kindergartner to swim lessons.
Talk to Daddy on the phone.
Go to bed right after the kids.
Get up in a panic to perform Tooth Fairy duties.

Hear about Husband's delicious seafood dinner the night before.
Buy cupcake ingredients.
Bake dairy-free cupcakes for Friday's school party.
Bake dairy-free muffins for Friday's playgroup. (Toddler-watching bribery for the other moms.)
Think about ordering takeout for dinner.
Only two more days till Daddy's home....


  1. Oh, man.

    Also: "Honey"? I don't see why people have to phrase things that way, either. What would have been wrong with saying it, "I'm afraid we're all booked up through the end of the month---is next month too late?" GEEZ.

  2. I love translating toddler-ese. That's definitely going on my resume one of these days.

    Hopefully you got to eat some of the cupcakes too.

  3. You will get through this week. You will get through this week. You will get through this week.

    And your hubby will pamper you and give you time to yourself when he gets home.

  4. I'm exhausted. Shouldn't have read this post at the end of my most busy days (Thursdays are super hectic for me). I must head to bed now.

    Had to laugh that you were the Mom in charge. Have a fun party tomorrow.

  5. I hope by now everything has calmed down. Whew! You deserve a break after all that.