Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Week in Review

Weather: Rainy
Roof: Leaking rain down all three floors.
Scott's new nickname for the master bedroom: The Maid of the Mist
Cost of roof repair: TBA
Number of fruit flies in the house: hundreds
Posts written: One long, whiny yet incredibly humorous post written late Tuesday night.
Posts deleted by Google, possibly for being so freaking depressing: see above
Work done: four product reviews and counting for Go Dairy Free
Halloween costumes made: Zero. We're going with store bought this year. Leave me alone.
Size of fetus: Large but still in normal range
My 'concerned' family members think this means I have: gestational diabetes
They will now give me: lots of useless advice
On Sunday, I taught a Children's Church lesson about: Samuel anointing David
When asked to draw a picture of Samuel anointing David, one of my students drew: "Samuel, David, and the annoying guy."
What I've missed this week: You!


  1. Samuel, David and the annoying guy....PRICELESS!!!

  2. We have fruit flies coming back too. It's OCTOBER... what is that?

  3. Oh, what a week! Fruit flies here too. Annoying, they've never been like this before.

  4. I guess he's too young to remember Jon Lovitz as "Annoying Man" on SNL.

  5. Leaky roofs are the WORST!!!!!!


    Hopefully you can get it fixed inexpensively. When we had a leaky roof and just needed to get it fixed, we bought a gallon of some roof fixing liquid, kind of tarlike at the Home Depot and you just basically pour it on the spots. It seals them up until you can put new roofing down.


  6. Ok, part of the fruit fly problem *might* be the apple core I found in K's trash can last night. Maybe.

    MBM - Well, now I'll never read that Bible story without thinking of Jon Lovitz.

    Shannon - It looks as if the problem is the flashing on the sides of our dormer. (Yes, and we need a new roof.) But replacing the flashing should get us through the winter. I hope. Thanks for the patching tip!

  7. What is with the fruit flies? They are driving me crazy.
    I like the "annoying guy" :) I think I know him. He's in my Sunday PSR class and unfortunately, he's my son :)

  8. This was so funny! I HATE fruit flies and had to make banana bread twice this week to try and get rid of mine. I love the part about how your family will certainly give you a lot of useless advice and the last one where the kids drew a picture of Samual, David and the "annoying guy". Too funny - see ya.

  9. ChupieandJ'smama - Oh, surely he's not. :)

    Kellan - Thanks! And thanks for stopping by.