Thursday, October 11, 2007


There comes a time in every pregnancy where "You don't even look pregnant!" changes from complement to insult. I am six months pregnant, and that time is now.

I understand the impulse not to want to inadvertently hurt someone's feelings by guessing she is pregnant when she is not, but, dude. I had my 24/25 week appointment yesterday, and I am measuring at 29 weeks. I look pregnant. (I also have big, nine-to-ten pound babies, so the news that I am measuring large was met with little surprise. Scott: "Shocker.") So, to those of you who want to say that I don't look pregnant, or even, "Did you already have the baby?", please refrain.

At the farmer's market the other day we bought apples, onions, eggs, raspberries, and sweet corn. You heard me. Raspberries and sweet corn. Right there on the table next to the butternut squash and chestnuts. In October. Grown in a community where it is not considered unusual to wade through snow on Halloween. I should be excited to have so much local produce still available, but it feels wrong, somehow. Very "all the seasons shall become one." But we took our purchases home, and the kids enjoyed their apocalyptic berries and corn on the cob with dinner.

Fall is coming, though. Eli and I saw lots of "punkies" on our drive to the OB yesterday. We stopped at a coffee shop on our way home and split a "punkie" scone. Sharing something Katherine can't eat with Eli always gives me a vaguely uncomfortable feeling, like I'm stepping out on her. I'm glad she is the oldest, so we can balance the food unfairness with, "But you can do this!"

The arrival of fall and my hormonal urges are making me feel like doing nest-y things. First on my list: copy Amy Karol's idea for a recipe cheat sheet for the side of the fridge. Genius!

I'm off to listen to the school nutritionist speak at the PTO meeting. This should be interesting.


  1. You're right, it does seem wrong to have fresh produce this long. But in a way it's nice. We're still getting lots of peppers and tomatoes from our garden.

    Oh, I love all the pumpkin baked goods. I made some pumpkin cookies last night. Yum.

  2. I know, we have all the fresh stuff here too. In fact, my tomato plants are still putting out good tomatoes---it's so weird.

    The heat did finally break yesterday though.

    I agree with you on the "you don't look pregnant" comments. If I had gotten that when I was 6 months I'd have lost it.

    My kids were each 9 and 10 lbs too. :)

  3. My tomatoes are still trying to put forth their three measly tomatoes but the vines are rotting, so I doubt they will survive to eatability.

    I love the idea of the recipe cheat sheet, too.

    I want a pumpkin latte now. THANKS! :)

    The "you don't look pregnant" stage sucks. I was never NEVER asked if a. I was pregnant or b. when I was due with either pregnancy. Bleh.

  4. Ok, you all have tomatoes growing in your backyards?! I'm impressed. We had a "patio tomato" plant one year. It eeked out 5-6 cherry-size tomatoes.

    My sister sent us some pumpkin spice tea; it is so good! Mmm... now I want more pumpkin baked goods.

  5. Apocalyptic berries, HAHAHA!
    Oh, and don't you just love Amy Karol?! Put her book on your Christmas wish list, if you don't already have it.

  6. How about "When is the baby due?" and the answer is six months ago. That weight did NOT come off.

  7. TFM - Amy Karol's book is on my wish list, as are Gluten Free Girl's and SouleMama's. Yay, bloggy book writers!

    Beck - Ouch.

  8. Ooooo! I completely forgot about Soulemama's book! Good call: must tell husband. Or maybe I'll just amazon it. guess I need to check out GFG's blog/book...

  9. TFM - Oh, and also Vegan Lunchbox, although I think I now have to wait for the reprinting....

  10. So nice to have fresh produce. Enjoy it now while you can.

  11. Oh, totally. I'll wear something fitted that totally shows off the tum, and if people say I don't look pregnant it makes me feel like they're commenting on my usual body shape.