Wednesday, February 29, 2012

True Confession

I read The Hunger Games yesterday.  The entire thing.  Holy crap.  It is so good.  Why didn't you tell me?  I know. You did.  You did.  I just didn't listen.  I'm sorry.

Thank goodness I bought the trilogy when it was on sale for the Kindle for like 5 bucks.  In, um, September.  (I don't know why it took me so long to start reading them.  I was wrong.  I see that now.) Now I can start Catching Fire today.  Ooh--if you have Amazon Prime, you can read all three books on your Kindle for free by checking them out of the Kindle library!

I'll have to have something ready to read when I'm done.  Any ideas?  I mean, besides The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook.  Which I do kind of want.  Is that wrong?

Also, what should I be watching now that Downton Abbey is over?

P.S.  Yes, I do have an old-school Kindle.  Talk about a surprise gift I never thought I wanted.  I was wrong.  I see that now.


  1. Have you read Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood? If not and if you are still in the mood for vivid, amazing dystopic fiction, then you should read them next! Sooooooo good!

  2. Try Divergent if you liked the Hunger Games. It's sort of poorly written, but I really ate it up.

    It's too bad you aren't just a teeny smidge closer to me, because I really need someone to go see the movie with. Nobody around here has read the books!!

  3. I have not read these yet. I'm trying to see if someone has them on Nook, so I can just borrow them. I might have to give in and buy them. Can't wait to read.

  4. My 12 yo DAUGHTER wanted that book, and we bought it with her b-day book store gift card just last week. Yes. Very, very good. Now I'm upset we don't have the others, too.

    She also got "I Am Number Four" which was also very, very good.

    Darn. Wish I had Amazon Prime.

  5. Saly--That would be so much fun!

    CAQuincy--I'm trying to decide if K. is ready for it yet or not. Maybe one more year.

  6. Ah yes. I ignored all the recommendations for a long time because I didn't think dystopic fiction was really my thing. Turns out I was so wrong.
    You're going to love the other books, btw. They're even better than the first, imo.

  7. I told you, but you ignored me.

    I read the third book while recovering from getting my varicose veins stripped, and hence, I was high on percocet. I did not get it. I was confused through the whole thing. I kept thinking people died but then they showed up. I'm not sure if it was the book or the drugs.

  8. "the girl who was on fire" is a book of essays about the hunger games trilogy, the underlying themes, analysis of the characters, etc. It really took the edge off of my post-series-depression.