Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13

  • Who has two thumbs and signed up to make Valentine treats for the preschool party tomorrow?  This mom!  I was going to provide strawberries, since they're healthy and vaguely heart-shaped, but that involves dragging three kids to the store in the snow and also spending money.  Hmm.  What's in the cupboard?  Red velvet cake mix, white icing, and heart sprinkles.  We have a winner!  Mini cupcakes it is.  Enjoy your sugar overload, children.
  • Our kids are getting card games and a board book for the baby.  I printed out these free Star Wars Valentines for them, too.  "Our love will Endor."  Hee.  SO CUTE.
  • I really like Catherine Newman's heart thumbprint cookies.  Maybe I'll make them tomorrow if I have the energy/time/will to live after visiting the orthodontist's office.
  • Back to forcing the Kindergartener to sign all of his Valentines.  In a loving way, of course.

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