Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CDP from SuperJules

I have a heart full of love and a fridge full of antibiotics. Ah, February. But as I was gently reminded yesterday, it is high time I wrote about my Crappy Day Present from the one, the only, SuperJules.

Let's go back to, um, mid-December, shall we?  To a time when I was losing my mind and a CDP arrived in the mail for ME.  ME ME ME.  The only unwrapped item was a container of Jules's dairy-free Candied Maple Walnuts.  I saw those and burst into tears. (Told you I was emotional.)  What a thoughtful gift. Especially as it was the time of year when every day brought more food-type goodies that Katherine couldn't eat.  You need to make these, by the way.  They are so GOOD.
 Yes, the image is sideways.  It's taken me this long to post--let's not get hung up on details.

Look at all the gifties!  In my dimly-lit dining room!

I decided that since the walnuts were for everyone, I could open one more gift the same day.  Pretty pretty salad utensils!  No more will I serve salad with rusty barbecue tongs!

Then I did kind of a twelve days of Christmas for ME thing where I opened one gift a day to get me through December.  It worked, too.  Hence, the same red tablecloth in every photo.

Pretty pretty wallet!  And for Christmas, my mom gave me a little contact case holder that matches the wallet but is pink!  So coordinated!

Wallet interior!

Pretty green clothespins!  I still haven't opened them!  I want to use them for a kids' artwork display area.

SQUEE!  BENTO CUTTERS!  When you pack lunches for your allergic child every day, this excites you!  I have wanted these for so long!

Cool flippy bag that now lives in my purse!  Doubles as ball for bored toddler!

I swear Jules wrote about these bags somewhere on her blog, but I cannot find the link.

Beautiful scarf in my favorite shade of dark pink!  This photo is horrific--trust me, it's pretty.

Socks without holes!

An upside down photo!  Focus!  It's a COUPON HOLDER!  This also lives in my purse!  I LOOVE it.  I LURVE it.  It makes me happy every day.

More socks!  Back off, preteen daughter!  These are Mommy's!

So, you can see just a glimpse how thoughtful and wonderful Jules is and why I love her from afar.  Thank you, Julia.


  1. That is a wonderful and thoughtful CDP! I love the bento cutters. I think I need some for my own sandwiches. :)

  2. Oh dear! I hope you didn't really think that post was directed at you!!! I promise it was just a general information post =)!!

    That was an awesome Crappy Day Package!!! I'm so glad it cheered you up =)!

  3. Oh yay! I'm so glad you liked your gifties!! What a fun post for me to read!

    <3 <3