Monday, April 04, 2011

Recipe and a Coupon

I made four-ingredient Fast and Friendly Meatballs last night, using ground beef instead of turkey because that's what I had, and Progresso Italian Panko Breadcrumbs. Dairy-free Italian breadcrumbs! They do exist! And they are good. Here's a link to a coupon for $1 off if you want to try them.*

Usually I make turkey sausage meatballs by rolling the sausage into balls and browning them. This recipe doesn't splatter the stovetop like the sausage ones do, and my kids like it better. We have a winner. If you want a dairy- and egg-free meatballs, check out Kelly's recipe.

*Why, yes, the coupon link above does go through the blog of one of TLC's Extreme Couponers. Shut up. Hoarders inspired me to clean my basement, and Extreme Couponing is making me take a second look at couponing. Now, if I start telling Scott to get some more wives, then we have a problem.


  1. Ahhhh I LOVE Sister Wives!

    And I can't figure out why because their lifestyle irks me. It's just so addicting!

  2. Ug, now I have been down the wild internet trail of Sister Wives. Ick ick. I just... ick.

    I might feel better about it if there were more husbands and it wasn't so patriarchal-harem feeling. (I know, who am I to judge?) Still. Ick. And he looks smarmy. Ick.

  3. Thank you so much for the link to the coupon! I love love love coupons!!! Who doesn't?

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  5. We enjoyed the Progresso Panko Breadcrumbs when I got to try them for my review blog.

    I'm with Nik-Nak. I just can't turn away from Sister Wives. While I totally disagree, I'm still fascinated. Glad I'm not alone.

  6. Ha ha ha! Sister Wives just seems... BORING to me, after being addicted to Big Love for so long. I'm all, "Where's the murder? Where's the conspiracy? Where's the closet gay?"

  7. OMG I am the same way when I watch Hoarders. Seriously, I get so antsy that I have to get up and start tidying during commercial breaks. It's the best motivational tool ever to keep your house clean!!!

    And I love love love panko for being DF!

  8. I don't know how you do it with 4! I have one son (with multiple food allergies) and it is a whirlwind.

    Also, I have an allergen-free bakery, (no whey) and give out recipes at

    Thank you so much for sharing.