Friday, April 08, 2011

The blogs have ears

In the middle of a LONG day of vision testing (Fun!) yesterday, the three youngest kids and I were forced to spend money I don't have on lunch. We had two restaurant choices, and we went with our beloved Eat n' Park, which is a local chain that is very supportive of the food allergic. (Hello, Silk soymilk on the menu! A separate gluten-free menu!) Awhile ago, I wrote that I wished they had a free treat for kids who can't enjoy their famous smiley face cookies. Did someone hear me? Because thanks to their new LifeSmiles program, they do! Kids can choose either a regular smiley cookie, a mini smiley cookie, or an apple. Is an apple as fun as a cookie? No, but it's WAY better than walking away empty handed while your brother and sister chomp on cookies.

Reading the menu while trying to nurse covertly in public, I also learned that they have a FarmSource program, where they buy their produce from local suppliers. Love.

Thank you, Eat n' Park. We'll try to visit more than once every six months.


  1. As a mom of a child severely allergic to milk proteins, I know what it is like to watch a child feel "left out" during the restaurant experience. Thanks for sharing this great news. I hope that more restaurants will follow suit and become allergy aware.
    Suzanne from Going Milk-Free at

  2. How wonderful to have a restaurant like that close by!