Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Pardon my little hissy fit. I took the kids to playgroup, visited with the other moms, and ate many, many French muffins. Am feeling much better now.

Thank you all so much for your morning sickness advice. I have an appointment next week where I'll ask about switching medications. And I cannot agree enough with Not Your Aunt Bea: protein helps me with nausea WAY MORE than carbs. I don't understand why this isn't common advice.

The candy trains were a big hit at E's school. If you ever do this craft, especially with preschoolers, use glue dots. They will save your sanity.

The 2010 Go Dairy Free Non-Dairy Product Lists are now available. Very handy for shopping.

Now I'm going to go enjoy Swistle's twin posts.


  1. Ooo, that recipe looks yummy. Think I might try it tonight!

  2. Glad you're feeling better. Snacks help when wine can't!

  3. An OB nurse told me to eat anything I could keep down. So...Lay's chips and Turkey Hill Lemonade diluted with water--that was it. Eat whatever you can manage and you'll make it!

  4. I agree: PROTEIN. And I also agree with the commenter who says "Whatever you can keep down." I found that sometimes I would find Magical Combinations that would work AWESOMELY for, like, a week. Bagels with cream cheese and garlic salt, and chocolate shakes. Cold Dominos sausage pizza, and lemonade.

  5. Liv was the worst of my pregnancies, nausea-wise and while I never threw up, that constant feeling of “I’m going to throw up” was the worst. I remember being ravenously hungry one minute and then horrifically nauseous the next. No fun!!

    I’m glad you are finding something that works, even if only a little, and I’m sure it will soon be over. Am I the only one wondering why you were in such a hissy? Who pissed you off? Maybe I missed something…

  6. I've been craving protein like nobody's business, esp. salty protein. Which means Taco Bell Bean and Rice burritos, hold the nacho cheese. Um, sorry Jim.
    Sweets are making me actively sick, which is just about tragic considering our Girl Scout cookies just arrived.

  7. I've been totally craving fudge. So I'm eating lots and lots of fudge and it's great. I'm not pregnant, but that's okay right?