Thursday, February 25, 2010


Lost things that I ordered replacements for from Amazon so I don't stay awake stupidly worrying about them:
goggles for Katherine's swim lessons

Eli's favorite gloves

cup valves for Helen's favorite Dora cups

Things that were later found, so now we have a spare:

Things that give me Nervous Tummy (TM Tess):
The little girl on the bus who WILL NOT keep her hands to herself, causing K. to come home with her face covered in hives one day (I assume the girl had dairy on her hands) and carrying the contents of her disassembled backpack another day.
A barely-known classmate calling--by herself--
to invite my second grader over at 7 on a Friday night.
My ultrasound this afternoon because it's a special Advanced Maternal Age one to check the baby for all kinds of scary things.

Things I can control:
Ordering replacement items to turn my brain off.
Having Katherine change seats on the bus.
Telling the classmate that it isn't appropriate for K. to come over.

Things I can't control, but oh how I would like to:
Every single social event in my children's lives.
Ultrasound results


  1. Oh, I get this. The ultrasound will be fine - I always got nervous tummy before any check-up.

  2. Good luck at the ultrasound today. Not that you'll need it... everything will be fine. =)

  3. I'm glad you are coming up with solutions to turn your brain off. Mine kept waking me up last night-- I was DREAMING that I couldn't sleep because I was having nightmares. Yeah.

    Good luck with the ultrasound! <3

  4. Luck, hon! And positive thoughts!

  5. Smart to order spares!

    Best wishes for the ultrasound today. (Maybe there will be a spare in there, too!) (By which I mean twins!)

  6. good luck with the ultrasound. :)

    my son has a sort of friend/acquaintance who calls and invites herself over. at night. ive stopped ansering the phone.

  7. Oh, I hear you mama! Good luck on the ultrasound today, I will be thinking many positive thoughts.

    I would also like to control every single social situation for my children, but alas. Alas. The other day my four year old saw his friend at the playground, excitedly said "Aniq, look who's here! It's me!" And Aniq didn't want to play with him. Sob. He changed his mind five minutes later but STILL.

    Okay, so again, good luck and hoping for all the best AND screw the Advanced Maternal Age thing.

  8. Will be sending postiive thoughts to you for the ultrasound. I did the advanced maternal age thing too (35 does not seem advanced, especially since I'm 40 now....) and had several extra tests (one even said something was wrong but it wasn't!) so I feel your nervous tummy. It can be so stressful, especially when they make "advanced maternal age" sound like a bad word! You'll be fine and so will be baby - I know it. But good luck anyway.

  9. You know, it never occurred to me until just now reading about K's busmate just how difficult being a mom must be. I mean, I knew physically demanding wise it's a lot to bear the children, tiring to clean the house, cook, drive them to and fro, etc. But I never saw such a wonderful example of the emotional demand of being a mom! I'd want to march on the bus and tell that little ___ to stay away from my kid, but of course you can't do that b/c K would be embarrassed, so you have to just sit back. Grr must be hard!

    Prayers for a good ultrasound! :)

  10. I had to go in for one of those ultrasounds with my last child, and, while there is more worry, it is a MUCH more interesting ultrasound. They look at EVERYTHING. In DETAIL. I ended up really enjoying mine.

  11. Good luck with the ultrasound!

    I'm saying a prayer for you right now.