Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I heart the Internets

You all are the best. Not ONE of you said:

A. You know how this happens, right?/Have you figured out how this happens yet?

B. Was it an accident?/Did you do it on purpose?

C. Please tell me this is your last one.

D. Are you crazy?

E. I'm praying for twins. Twin boys.

Let's just say you all have a much better tact record than people I know in real life. MUCH better.

Your reward? I will answer those questions!

We were neither planning a fourth nor not planning a fourth. If it happened, great. If not, great.

Yes, this is our last baby.

We might be crazy, but I don't think it's because we're having another child.

If it is twins you all will have to come stay with us in shifts. Clear your schedules.

In other news, I am "AMA"--Advanced Maternal Age. Or, according to some of the lab forms, "Elderly." ELDERLY. Be nice to the crotchety old pregnant lady or she will trip you with her cane.


  1. Elderly. hahahahahahahahaha

    That's great.

    How far along are you? I'm too lazy to do the math and try to figure out what a September due date means :)

  2. LMAO- I just had a similar conversation with some ladies yesterday,one of whom has seven children. She got a lot of those responses too. Aren't you so happy for blogfriends?

    Btw- I'm not praying for twin boys because I really don't want to reap what I sew. LOL

  3. PLEASE tell me it did not really say "elderly"?!?!

    I was also advanced maternal age (35) when I had my 2nd child (but nobody called me elderly!!!!)

    I am already hoping for an allergy-less baby for you. Is it too early to be thinking about that? For me, it was one fo the first things I thought about when I got pregnant for the second time. And as luck would have it - no allergies in child #2.

    Hope you feel good and have a healthy pregnancy. Look forward to hearing about it!

  4. OMG elderly. Speaking of tact: WTH, modern medicine? Update the terms, plz.

    Paul says that one of his BIG REASONS for not wanting another baby is that he can't STAND the "You know how this happens, right?" ribbing.

    We got C and D so often, I was...well, I was really surprised. And not in a pleased way.

  5. Scottish Twins: I'm 8 weeks.

    Grace: I think about that all the time, of course.

    Swistle: I'm with Paul, but Scott is very good about reminding me not to let the fear of a few stupid comments affect decisions we make about our life.

  6. How did I miss your news on Friday? Congratulations! If you have twin boys, I'll be happy to volunteer for shifts. This is so exciting...I LOVE baby news.

    No doubt the lab report term was a man's doing. Elderly...gah.

    (When I wasn't getting pregnant we got all the opposite questions/comments. You better get to work on having a baby. Don't you know you're not getting any younger? blah, blah, blah.)

  7. I am born in 1973 and was pregnant in 2008. So I was turning 35 that year, but my birthday was not until December. I had several doctors, nurses, technicians, etc. try to label me as AMA, even though my baby was due in August. I still can't believe how many times I had to explain to them that I was turning 35 that year, but I was still 34.

  8. I don't see why you get to trip people with a cane just because you are a bit older than me.

    Down with Ageism! Give ALL pregnant women a cane!

  9. a) Do people really say those things?
    b) Who are these people?
    c) Elderly? Really?
    d) Why do people always bring up the multiples thing? Just to freak out pregnant ladies? When I was pregnant with Jake and Mark was, like, nine months old, everyone I ran into said "What if it's twins?"

  10. elderly....sheesh!

    i hope you have an easy pregnancy and a healthy bundle of joy.

    as a related note....it seems like a lot of bloggers i frequent are getting pregnant. im getting a little scared....

  11. ELDERLY?? Well I believe your younger than me, so what does that make me? Would they classify me as mummified? YIKES :(

  12. I always think it is super awesome when people have a fourth baby... I am fascinated by the idea and want to talk myself into it someday.

    Also, people are crazy with their dumb comments. People just feel entitled to tell a pregnant woman anything, I swear. And ELDERLY? NO WAY!

  13. I'm a fourth baby! Fourth babies rule!

    Congrats again!

  14. I was just telling Misty that I have severe pregnancy jealousy of you guys. Not enough to say, jump on the band wagon, but jealous just the same. People are idiots. We got the same types of comments with Lucy because she was so close in age to Bud, and with Liv, because apparently, third babies are unheard of.

    But listen, Granny (heh), I think it is so great!! You make beautiful babies.

  15. I always got: You finally got your boy! Yeah, cause doing the deed on bcp constituted "trying for a boy".

  16. Congratulations Sarah! That is wonderful. I am glad that your daughter having a milk allergy hasn't deterred you from filling out your family. I get some comments from friends who know I want a third baby to the effect of "Why risk having another one with allergies?" Of course, I would rather not have another child with allergies, but if he or she does, I am already fully equipped to handle it. I will certainly keep my fingers crossed that the baby has no allergies but am sure you'll be thrilled with him/her no matter what the allergy situation is.

  17. I thought this post was a joke until I read the comments! Wow, I hope I don't encounter any of the above when I get pregnant. I already have a short temper, God knows what pregnancy hormones will do to me!

    Oh and PS - J's mom got pregnant w/ his youngest brother when she was 45 and had him when she was FORTY SIX. You're still normal in my book!

  18. Why do people think that when you are pregnant that's an open invitation to be rude, nosy, and just plain mean sometimes? (!)

    I'm so happy for you guys! Babies are to celebrated! Hope you are feeling well!

    Congrats again!

  19. My reply for the "you know how that happens, right?" is "Yes. Do you?". People are silly. And always have an opinion or advice. Whatever!

  20. You poor old thing! :)
    My husband's reply to the "Don't you know how that happens?" question is always "Yes. Do you need some advice?".
    I am so excited for you! If it's twins, I am totally moving in.

  21. yay!!! i am so happy and excited for you mama, that is fabulous news!!! i heard all of the same comments while pregnant with my third... ugh. hope you are feeling well, warmest wishes to you xo

  22. Congratulations!!! So excited for you!!! I'm preggo with number 5 (due in a few weeks) and laughed when I read your questions...I've heard them all believe me. Lately my personal favorites are...wow..you're so big! or, "how can you even grow anymore" or "I barely recognize you!" or just, "you're crazy!!" i also just turned 35 and am offically AMA too. I will say that this pregnancy has been harder than my last four, but perhaps that is just because we get busier and busier? i am VERY excited for you and wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  23. ELDERLY?! OMG! That is simultaneously hilarious and horrible!

  24. LOL.....I just love the idea of an "elderly" pregnant lady tripping people with her cane. I will keep this picture in my head for my "I need a laugh" days. Thanks.

  25. People are so stupid in things that they say. Matt & I were just discussing tonight the thoughtless things people have said to us about having more children (because we are trying and having fertility problems...again). To be fair we don't share much with people about that, but still.

    Anyway still so excited for you.

  26. (a) Congrats
    (b) I'm one of five, and love it
    (c) my mom had her 4th and 5th babies at 35 and 39, and everyone was all aflutter
    (d) my aunt had her three kids at 36, 39, 43! Advanced maternal age FTW!

  27. Yiiiippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! So happy for you, Mama!

  28. I just came back to re-read this for advice for when we make our announcement. I...am not looking forward to the comments.