Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Me: *taking down nativity*
Almost-four-year old: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO BABY JESUS?!?"
Me: "Uh, putting him away. It's time to pack up the Christmas decorations."
Almost-four-year old: "WHYYYYYYY?"

Sigh. Happy Epiphany, Everyone.


  1. It's great when the decorations go up, and it's great when they get packed away again. Hee hee, what ARE you doing to poor Baby Jesus? He has to lie in a box the whole year? The inhumanity!

  2. haha darn, now that means I have to, too!

    Last night's convo:

    J: why are all the lights and decorations STILL up?
    me: (struggling) uhhh .. oh right, b/c it's not the Epiphany yet
    J: (blank stare)

    haha I thought I had a few more days! ;)

  3. We're celebrating the Epiphany too but they're NOT happy the baby Jee and the Christmas trees are coming down!

  4. My nativity is still out, never got around to burnning the frankincence.

  5. We took everything down last Friday before the cousins arrived. But it is sad to see everything put away...

  6. We still haven't taken down the nativity. Or tree, or lights.... We are slackers. BTW Cecilia may have a milk allergy, we spent the weekend in the hospital. Happy New Year!

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