Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It's fall! I'm home with two sick children! I'm Googling H1N1 signs and symptoms! And I'm cooking a lot to keep ahead of produce rottage. Money in the bank!

This week I've made applesauce and roasted green beans and mashed cauliflower and plum cake and pesto and a teeny tiny batch of salsa verde. Today I'm going to make Beck's Easy Cabbage Roll Casserole, but I'm going to make it with peppers instead of cabbage so I don't have to go to the store and venison instead of beef because we have a ton of it in the freezer. (Thanks, Scott's hunter friend!) And I want to make a sweet potato dessert but not sweet potato pie because I think pie crust is beyond me today. And really soon I'm going to make this because it is now a staple in our house.

What are you doing?


  1. Home schooling (history pockets, art projects, reading lessons, spelling, memorization of the poem Hope by E. Dickensen), watching the flood waters go down here in Atlanta, hoping for no more rain for a little while, looking forward to the Atlanta Food Allergy Walk on Saturday (I am volunteering for the first time).

    Made vegan rice crispy treats on Monday -

    Feel better soon. Nice that you are making the most of your time. Hope it is not swine flu.

    Thanks for the break - going to listen to my daughter recite her poem!

  2. ugh....hope the kiddos get better soon.

    after having dealt with flu kids last week, i appear to be coming down with something similar. im fighting it though. i figure as long as i can keep down my Day Quil, I can make it.

  3. I'm impressed. We almost always get carry-out or delivery when the kids are sick. Maybe produce rotting is a good motivational tool though.

  4. Up at 5:10ish today (too early for me!). Getting ready to run errands and go to music storytime here soon. I wish I was more interested in spending time in the kitchen, although I did make shortbread yesterday!

  5. Aw, poor things. I hope they feel better soon.

    How about a sweet potato crisp. Bake in an 8 x 8 with a brown sugar crisp topping? Who needs pie crust?

  6. Ah, the start of the school year. So many viruses, so little time.

    Hope they are better soon.

    You are very productive! Wow! You put me to shame! I was feeling productive because I made a triple batch of Catherine Newman's oven-roasted tomato sauce and now I cannot fit anything else in the freezer. "Can we have ice cream?" No. We cannot. But, we can have tomato sauce!

  7. We are living parallel lives! I also have two sick kids, and am googling H1N1 symtoms. Fun, right?

  8. I have two sick babies too, but I think we're on the tail end of this sickness. I hope you guys feel better soon!!

    I too have been cooking away today! I'm making beef stew, homemade bread, and homemade apple pie from scratch today.

    I think I'm just doing these things to avoid peeling wallpaper.

  9. Schoolwork and job hunting.

    I also am super excited about Fall, but have 0 decorations for it, so might see what the Dollar Tree offers later.

    Hope the kids feel better soon!! :( My cousin lives in eastern PA and her friend is a high school teacher that had H1N1 a few weeks ago- it went around the school. Also, an old high school friend of mine has 4 kids (!!!!) and two got H1N1 from their school! Keep safe!

  10. Ummm, I'm not doing nearly as much as you are. That's an impressive list. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  11. ugh! swine flu, flu, 2 young ones with bad seasonal allergies who are extremely susceptible to illness! bleck...missing summer already, but loving the coming of fall! my kids had the flu shot 2 weeks ago, but i just found out that matthew is also allergic to eggs and shouldnt have had the shot to begin with. he had a bad reaction a day and a half later, but i just thought it was something he ate again....looks like we might have to skip the booster next week. hoping for a healthy winter *fingers crossed*

    wanna come over and cook?!? LOL

  12. Grocery shopping. And I spent a lot of time at Target, too. :) Got to get my new house organized!

    Hope your kiddos feel better soon!!!

  13. Coming over to your house for dinner.

  14. Don't freak out! I'm sure your kids will recover in no time. They are healthy and young and their bodies can fight fight fight! Praying for you and your family...

  15. I know several people (including kids) who have had H1N1, and they're all fine. They had a high fever and the expected aches and pains, but have recovered on their own and are totally and completely fine. Try not to freak out! It'll be OK, even if that *is* what they've got. At least, if it is that, they'll have gotten it over with before the season really gets into full swing and their immune systems could get bogged down with fighting off a bunch of other stuff at the same time.

    I'm making applesauce, too! I don't get why Motts et al think that organic has to mean completely unseasoned. Besides, mine tastes WAY better!