Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Small Town Politics

We went to our little voting location this morning bright and early, and the line was already out the door. The sweet ladies who work the polls were excited about the turnout, but not so excited about the already-malfunctioning voting machines and printer. I love that they know everyone and have the book open to where you need to sign your name before you even tell them.

Katherine gets to vote at school, too, so she thought it was kind of neat to come along with us first. Eli thought we were going to see a boat, so he was not so thrilled. "Where da big boat? We go on it? It so loud?"

After we voted, Eli, Helen, Grandad and I went to the Kiwanis' All-Day Pancake Breakfast, where E. ate his weight in pancakes and sausage. When Katherine used to come with us, we'd bring a bagel for her to eat with the syrup and sausage. Today I bought some frozen sausage to share later with K. and Scott. Mmmm...

Time to get something done. Hope you're having a good election day!


  1. Ha, ha, that's so funny about Eli wanting to see a boat. Zachariah thought the same thing. And he also thought it was too loud with all the people around.

  2. That's funny about the boat. I'm sure he was super disappointed, until he got his pancakes that is!

  3. I'm getting nervous. I have a crazy-busy day at work and a two-hour window later when I can actually go and vote. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping for short lines.

  4. I just hope the next Administration gets things on tracks 'cause honestly... this whole economy crisis in America really starts to affect us here.... well.. it's not starting... It already made life a lot harder :x

  5. I'm staying away from the news channels, so it's going fine. :)

    Poor Eli - that's cute that he was expecting a boat! A boat would be more fun. :)

  6. My 2.5 year old also had the impression that we were boating rather than voting this morning! Big disappointment for him (and me, since he was whining about the lack of boats). Apparently another kid at our park made the same mistake as well. Odd.