Monday, November 17, 2008

It Must Be Winter Because... treats arrived in the mail, and another is on the way.

...I'm planning holiday menus.

...Katherine and I are choosing ornament kits to make.

...I'm feeling thankful (for all of your wonderful comments).

...we've unpacked all of the hats, mittens, scarves, gloves, and boots.

...I'm figuring out the best way to arrange our house to entertain three children indoors. (Ideas?)'s snowing!


  1. Keeping three kids busy indoors - do you have a large basement room that they can run around in? Lots of parents I know keep theres as bare as possible and keep push bikes, a small climber, and so on down there. We have a Wii and some sports games to play on truly forboding days, and we tend to take out the board games in the winter, too.

  2. I'm actually enjoying our little bit of snow. Makes me feel warm and cozy inside.

  3. I like snow!
    Maybe set up activity stations for the kids - puzzles in one place, building toys in another place, and coloring somewhere else?

  4. I know, I'm panicking about not having a good candidate for our Christmas card photo yet.

  5. Beck--I would love to do that to our basement. It's not a finished basement, but I think we could make it work....

  6. aju5's mom got to my idea first -- little stations. Young minds are so curious and exploring that they like to jump from thing to thing so they don't get bored - especially with "cabin fever." just put up 2 new sections - 1 devoted to vegetarian thanksgiving recipes and the other for vegan recipes. You might find some good things there for your holiday meals!