Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Barbara Kingsolver's Fault

Everyone has given me such lovely post ideas, and what have I been doing? Running around town to the farmer's market, the grocery store, and the hardware store, not to mention signing up for vegetables from our semi-local organic farm. Our porch is filled with vegetable plants that I'm trying not to kill. (Hot tip! Shop ridiculously late in the planting season and all plants are 50% off! Also, 50% dead!)

Yesterday, I actually bought some canning supplies because I could hear our refrigerated produce rotting. (Freezer canning. I'm not totally insane. Yet.) I gripe a lot about our pitiful local grocery store's lack of dairy-free items, but they do have quite a supply of canning materials. (They're right next to the dog food, if you're wondering where to look.)

I guess the children and I will be spending the afternoon planting flowers and vegetables! In the 90-degree heat! Ah, togetherness. (Darn you, Barbara.)


  1. Next to the dog food, eh?

    I was laughing at your comment on my post from yesterday re: "Are you still pregnant??"

    When Bud was about 4 weeks old my neighbor asked me that questions. Granted, it was February and I was wearing Hub's coat, but that was the worst!!

  2. I would never think to look next to the dog food. That's some great merchandising! :)

    Good luck - I'd pass on the planting in 70 degrees, let along 90! ;)