Friday, January 18, 2008

Let's Get This Party Started

I don't have to be induced! I get to go into labor on my own! I... have no idea if I'll actually realize when I'm in labor! I've never done this before!

Brief Birthing History, TMI Edition (Look away, Dad.)

Baby #1: Admitted to hospital on Thursday evening, released Friday evening after a failed induction. (Note to medical personnel - TELL PREGNANT WOMEN INDUCTIONS MAY NOT WORK.) Went home and ate my weight in fried chicken livers while sobbing hysterically. Readmitted to hospital on following Tuesday at lunchtime. Water broke early Wednesday afternoon as doctor was filling out release forms to send me home again. When I told him my water had broken, he said, "Oh, Ok. (Pause.) It's going to be a long day." Baby born first thing Thursday morning, at 42 1/2 weeks. Cervidil and Pitocin were used liberally both times. Poor, poor baby was born with the help of a vacuum extractor.

Baby #2: Admitted to hospital Wednesday evening. Induction started without drugs. Reached 5 centimeters by morning but still wasn't in labor, so it was time for Pitocin. (Bleah.) Baby born early Thursday afternoon at 40 weeks.

So, 36 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing, then 18 hours of labor, 1 1/2 hours of pushing. Do I hear 9 hours of labor and 45 minutes of pushing for #3? Hey, I can dream.

I had an appointment yesterday, and I have reached two whole centimeters all by my ownself, which has never, ever happened before. Also, this little girl does not appear to be a 9- or 10-pounder like her siblings, so there is time to wait things out.

But enough of this waiting stuff. I want to hear all of your voodoo tips to move things along. GO!


  1. Sex!

    Seriously though, with my second I had a cold and pretty much coughed the sucker out. Perhaps you could fake a cough if you're not keen on picking up a virus. Also, the cough is good to induce labour, not so comfortable when you're trying to recover.

    Good luck!
    P.S. my word verification is "irsdebt"!

  2. I swear by the spicy food. Also, my miwife "stripped my membranes" or I guess separated them from my cervix, and I went in to labor with CA that night.

    And I also swear that if I ever need to be induced again, I will opt for a c-section. Because that sucks---a lot. Pitocin is the devil.

    I'm checking in daily for news from you. I can't wait!

    thanksfully, # 2 came on her own, and with little time for drugs.

  3. One of the moms at the daycare where I work had great success with eating a giant steak dinner.

  4. Definitely have sex, the kind of fun, wild sex that got you here! And then go sit on an exercise ball and bounce and bounce and BOUNCE you ass off. Worked for my bff and then for me the night after her!

  5. I've got nothing for you. Mimi was born after an induction at 41 1/2 weeks. Leading up to this, I was at home watching the ONLY thing on TV--coverage of Hurricane Katrina, which happened just a few days earlier.

  6. Hooray!!!

    Sorry, no advice from me. I've had two early c-sections. I'm like "how not to have a baby" poster child.

  7. Yeah, surprisingly, Scott isn't very into being used as a method of induction. ;)

    DH- our kids have some of those bouncy ball toys that they use in the backyard. Maybe I'll go get one out of the shed.

  8. Have you had this baby by now? I hope so!
    And I'll second or third the sex. I SWEAR that it got my labour moving twice now.