Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Anecdotal Evidence


Thank you so much for all of your birth stories! I love a good baby story. Here's a new one!

Baby Peanut is weighing in at 4 lbs 10 oz here in week 32/33. We'll be keeping an eye on her size, and I am not allowed to travel during the holidays, as I suspected.

Also, if you are, say, 22 months old and want to freak out your mother, wake up from your nap with your inner ear bleeding. Ear infections are wicked gross, and mommy's facial expressions are so funny! You will have to go to the doctor and get ear drops, though.


  1. OOOH, I love this kind of stuff.

    I only have the 2 and both were gigantic. Upon my final ultrasound when I was 2 days past due with Eddie, the dr yelled “Oh my God, this baby weighs at least 9 lbs!!” He was 10lbs 2oz, by the way. I was induced with him and it was hell. Strong hard contractions and 4 hours of pushing with the assistance of a vacuum got him out.

    I told my dr. from the beginning with Caitlyn that I WAS NOT going through that again. When I was 11 days away from my due date, my second to last appointment, I expressed my fear again. The OBGYN, who was also a midwife, “stripped my membranes” or I guess separated them from my cervix, to move things along on their own. I woke in to labor that night, my water broke in the driveway as we were leaving, and she all but fell out of me as they were putting the epidural in. She was 9lbs 5oz and 10 days early. Short labor, 3 pushes and it was over.

    They are 19 months apart, and I truly believe that if I hadn’t been so persistent, I would have been late and induced with her as well.

  2. Yes! I want to give birth as soon as I arrive at the hospital! No more 36 or 18 hour labors, please! No more 3 1/2 hours of pushing!

  3. My third did break the pattern:

    #1 - 11 days early, water broke (in a store), 8lbs 8oz.

    #2 - 3 weeks early, water broke (just outside of a store), 9lbs 10oz.

    #3 - 1 day late, water broken for me at hospital, 8lbs 15oz.

    All three were quick labours, so after the first, my doc advised that me to find out where the nearest hospital was if I was going to be more than 20 minutes away from my own hospital (within the 36 week to due date timeframe).

    I understand your anxiety completely. My first was due at Christmas, my second was due just after my sister's out of town wedding and my third was due just after my cousin's out of town wedding. It was always stressful.

  4. I only have one child. I will be reading the stories here though for future reference.

    My son was born at 39 weeks by induction. He was 9 lbs 11 oz. I will be having the doctor watch my future babies carefully. I don't think I could go over my due date, because I would have ever bigger babies.

  5. No major pattern breakings here, either (am thinking of posting official birth stories on blog, but am afraid of what squeemish relatives/friends will think?).

    #1: Went into labor 6:00am RIGHT on due date. 9 hours labor. Demerol. Water broken at hospital. Baby was postier, so I had back labor that hurt like HELL. Doctor seemed more freaked out than I when I felt the urge to push at 8cm. Episiotomy. Three good pushes, and she was OUT. 6lbs, 9 oz.

    #2 (two years later): Went into labor 6 days before EDD at 11:00 at night. About 6 hours. No drugs. Water broken at hospital. Pushed about 4-5 times. No stitches. No problem. 7 lbs, 7 oz.

    #3(three years later): Went into labor 7 days before EDD at 9:45 at night. About 6 hours. No drugs. Water broken at hospital. Pushed about 20 minutes. No stitches! 7 lbs, 6 oz.

    See, each was different, and yet similar. The weird part is that with #3 I was more scared to push--because I REMEMBERED the "ring of fire" from #2 that I didn't feel with #1 due to local from episiotomy. Even the doctor (I had the same one for #2 and #3) noticed I wasn't pushing as well as I normally did. Three years difference REALLY seemed to make a difference with my "fear factor."

    Probably no fair comparison for you, though since I had small to average-size babies and did not need to be induced.

    Yes, those holiday babies due tend to cramp everyone's style (#1 born on 12/23). Stay home and take care of youself! You deserve it!

  6. With both of my boys (oldest is 18 youngest is 3) I was induced. I went into labor with the 18 year old at 41 weeks but they still had to induce because my cervix was not dilating like it should. I was in labor a total of 38 and a half hours with him. The doctor put me in the hospital the day before my due date with the 3 year old to "soften the cervix" because I was not dilating again and I was 41 years old so they didn't want to wait past my due date for me to go into labor. I was in labor with him for 16 hours when they had to do an emergency c-section. It was a blessing in disguise that I went in before I was in labor because the cord was wrapped around his waist and then around his leg. He probably wouldn't have made it into this world alive had I labored at home until the contractions were coming 5 minutes apart like I did with the first one. Thank God for the wonderful gifted doctor I have been going to for 19 years. I love him and trust him totally. And as it turned out the name we had picked out for our 3 year old "Cole" is my doctors oldest sons middle name. How fitting. Good luck with your impending delivery.

  7. I am LOVING this!!! Who's next?

  8. My first one was a planned c-section - she was breach.
    The second one was induced at 42 weeks because he was HUUUUGGEEEEE. Like, ten pounds huge.
    The third one was, we thought, going to be another late induction, but then kaboom, she came all at once at 36 weeks! Shocker!
    If you don't want to travel at CHristmas, don't. You are VERY pregnant.