Friday, September 28, 2007

It's My Birthday, I Can Brag if I Want To

Hey, have you all been to Revolution Health? Did you know they just launched a section on Child Food Allergies? And they have guest bloggers? And that I'm one of them? Well, it's true! So go on over there, learn about food allergies, and leave some comments about how my post changed your life, or whatever. Consider it a birthday present to me.

In other news, the first classroom birthday party was held at school the other day, and Katherine reminded Teacher that she needed one of her special snacks from the freezer. She was so proud of herself. Go, Katherine!

Later on at lunchtime when she was cutting up her turkey burger, she shared this tidbit, "Remember, old country people used to cut up their meat."

True, that.


  1. How cool on many fronts!! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. That's so great about the guest blogging!

    Also so great about Katherine reminding her teacher! Yay, Katherine!

  3. That's excellent - good for you!
    And happy birthday!
    And what a big, responsible girl Katherine is!

  4. Yep, them old country folks sure did know how to cut their meat!
    Happy Birthday, you!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!! And great job on your guest post. Nicely said.