Thursday, October 11, 2012


I wake up and bathe
I greet the roofer working
Outside the window

Firetrucks are cool
I do not blame you, Toddler
Crying when they go

Hey, Librarian
Thanks for insulting my kid
And making me cry

I forgive you, Friend
For backing into my van
I hate this rental

Aldi, thank you for
All of your pumpkin goodness
A lot dairy free


  1. i love haiku! so fun and addictive.

    your first one cracked me up.

  2. I really like this
    Post and it is very true
    That firetrucks are cool.

  3. Who is that librarian? Tell me her name and I'll go give her a tongue lashing. Seriously. I'm very good at delivering verbal smack down on behalf of others; it's one of my unique gifts as a friend.
    Seriously, though, why ARE librarians so often crabby?!

  4. Love the haikus!

    Hey, to Sarah above, I could really use your help with giving my contractor a good talking to... do you deliver? ;)

  5. You make me laugh. Sorry you cried. Sorry about it all...except the dairy free Aldi. I must go check it out. :)