Thursday, December 08, 2011

Melissa and Doug need to pay me rent

I've been working on a post about toys that have stood the test of time in our home because I LOVE reading posts about toys people recommend.  (HINT. HINT.)  I have purchased so many great items on Swistle's recommendations alone.  Then I saw that today is a one day 50% off sale on Melissa and Doug items on Amazon.  Although, as Mir says, you have to be vigilant with the prices.  We lurve Melissa and Doug toys.  Yes, even though they are made in ChinaThis is not sponsored or compensated FTLOG, although it should be based on the number of their toys littering my floors.  The links are through my Amazon thingy but by all means bypass it. 

The current favorite is the Slice and Bake Cookie set.  The three-year old plays with this all. the. time.   And the other kids do, too.  And possibly the grownups.

A close second is the Birthday Cake set.  Or, some odd candle/cake/cookie combination of the two.  We celebrate a lot of events with them these days.  The server comes to take your order on a pad of paper with a crayon, and your choices are cookies, cake, or drink.  Currently your choices are Christmas cookies, Christmas cake, or Christmas drink, but they're pretty much the same as the regular ones.  For some reason, the baby doesn't put the round pieces in his mouth.  Go figure.

We also have the cutting foods box, and I see that they now slice the carrot lengthwise instead of into little choking-hazard rounds that my babies DO like to put in their mouths and walk around with, as it is in our set.  Which is why our carrot lives on a shelf.  But it is a fun toy, and the sound of the knife 'cutting' through the Velcro is very cool.

I was about to list all of the Melissa and Doug items we have that aren't 50% off, aaand  then I realized just how many things that is.  Stamp sets!  Magnetic dress up dolls!  Paint your own train!  Pull frog! An easel!  Man, we have a lot of toys.

So let's just keep it to food: we also have the food groups set (Don't worry, my kids assure me the cheese is dairy free) and the fill and spill picnic basket.  Because even though three-month old Graham didn't need or want any Christmas gifts last year, there had to be something under the tree for him.  The grape soda bottle is his favorite part; he still carries it around chewing on it.  He also actually does like to take everything out of the basket and put it back in.  The other kids use the Velcro sandwich parts a lot in their 'cooking.'

Under the Christmas tree this year, Helen will find the grill set. I'm sure the skewers are going to have to be put away immediately, but I couldn't resist.  She will also find this sticker book because I needed a quick, cheap replacement for a game I planned to give her that her uncle gave the kids instead.

I have debated forever about the cupcake set.  So cute!  But...the icing markers!  So messy!  But Swistle recommended it!  Helen will get it for her birthday.  Because I am a sucker.

I wanted to put photos in, too, but you should go look before the sale items are gone, and I need to get out of my PJs and go pick up a preschooler at her Happy Birthday, Jesus party.


  1. Our carrot had to live on the shelf for quite a while too, until we could all be trusted. Too funny. I also love Melissa and Doug toys, for the most part.

  2. I can't BELIEVE someone would call PLAY FOOD a "girls' toy." Next time her boys want to eat a snack, tell her it's only for GIRLS. (Sorry, cranky morning.)

  3. I got four stamp sets for the girls! Woo hoo! Thanks for mentioning this.

  4. I started reading this and and immediately fled to Amazon to order a birthday gift. I was JUST wondering yesterday if they were going to do this same sale again this year and I'm SO happy that they did. I really want to order it all for her birthday... in six months, but I'm refraining.

    We bought the fill and spill picnic basket for six month old Bubette last year and it was a much bigger hit than I expected plush food to be.

    I was just thinking that Melissa and Doug should hire us ALL since we all love them so much... and then realized that's exactly the reason they don't need to hire us. BOO.

  5. When Adriana was teeny, I loved looking at all of the cute Melissa and Doug sets and looking forward to the day we could play with them together. Now that we have arrived at the day, I hate hate hate those freaking toys and their 9 million freaking parts. Adriana LOVES them though, so off to Amazon I go.

  6. Melissa and Doug stuff is just so damn cute. Sadly, my kids are not at that age anymore. I always wanted the dress up dolls, for myself.