Monday, June 15, 2009

Random (Possibly Lame) Updates

Smooze ice pops can be found in stores.

My neighbor's roofers are still. Working. On. Her. Roof. I love the sound of nail guns in the morning. And all freaking day long. *pching pching pching* Pause. *pching pching pching* Pause. Shoot me.

We have reduced our landfill diaper contribution by half. Yay, potty training!

Our favorite farm stand lady has retired. We miss her so much and are trying to find new sources of rhubarb and strawberries and eggs and raspberries, among other things. The kids keep asking for "Apple" because she always gave them an apple or other fruit when we stopped by. She is responsible for their willingness to try many different vegetables. OK, must stop before I get choked up.

But, our CSA box has started arriving! Greens! Fresh herbs! And, one of our neighbors works with a woman whose chickens are laying so many eggs she's giving them away. She won't accept payment, scraps to feed the chickens. DONE. Thank you, lady I've never met, for all of the FREE fresh eggs!

Scott and I have declared war on the birds that have taken over our yard. I'd love to be all lovey dovey about them, but every piece of play equipment, furniture, and decking is covered with huge splats of birdy poopy. It's not their fault. They are drawn to my neighbor's jumbo-size bird feeders, just as the squirrels and rabbits are drawn to the corn and peanuts she puts out. Yeah. Obviously, we're talking about a fence, but what else can we do that's safe for kids and animals? We don't want to kill them, just keep them OUT.


  1. I can totally sympathize with the bird issue. Luckily, we don't have much in our back yard. But, we were VERY happy to see a neighbor cat strolling throw our yard yesterday to keep the birds away. Our neighbors have bird baths and bird feeders all over their yard, and we are fairly certain seed is flying into our yard, making it a very bird-friendly place...

  2. I HATE it when someone in the neighborhood gets noisy work done on their house. There is nothing more annoying. And it's always on the nicest days when you want to be outside, too.
    Yay for potty training!

  3. Congratulations on the potty training! Hope the roofers are finished soon...that's so annoying.

  4. I was wondering about those smooze pops. Thanks!

  5. Our neighbors are still re-surfacing their pool, or whatever is being so noisy in the yard. Sandblasting, a pump.. some gurgling stuff. Sheesh!

    Sorry to hear about your fruit stand lady! My family has gone to the same fruit stand in NC my entire life and the man's name is Joe - a few years ago his brother opened a second stand and his name is Eddie. Both are the nicest men and would always give us kids some kind of fruit or veggie.

  6. We had a squirrel problem, because of our neighbours always feeding them. The squirrels were constantly digging in my gardens. Blood meal works at keeping them away and it's not dangerous. Then we got a friendly dog who wants to chase all animals. Now we never have squirrels, or birds, in our back yard.

    Another neighbour put cayenne pepper in her garden to keep away the squirrels, which is quite cruel as it can lead to the animals clawing out their own eyes (if they get it in their eyes). So, I wouldn't recommend that approach...

    Congrats on potty training! Yay!

  7. We are thinking about a fence too. Some neighbors stink! I want to live faraway in the middle of nowhere with some chickens and a goat (and my kids and husband!)

  8. Oh they're yucky! J put up a bird feeder last summer and I had him take it down. We had tons of bird poop in our pool last year. NASTY!!!

  9. Re: Birds....

    Um, get a cat? Really. That's the best I've got. Sorry.

  10. What, the sound of a nail gun doesn't put you right to sleep?!