Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Early Morning

Does this photo look dark? That's because it's EARLY. Thank goodness for coffee and blueberry banana bread. (Good idea, SouleMama! Although ours is dairy free, of course.)

Time to start making packing lists for vacation. What items help your family get through a 12-hour car ride? Besides a DVD player because that's a no brainer.


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  2. Here is a good website:
    We also plan on using stories on cd/tape instead of the DVD play because it will make them use their brain a little more (well, that is our plan now, but she is only 8 months old...).

  3. Songs. We like to sing in the car. Plus it can drown out car seat bound hissy fits...occasionally.

  4. there is a cute card deck called 52 things to do in a car. our favorite was "what are you packing in your suit case" (we did fridge too) then you have to remember the list...though hard with a 2 year old, we ended up just listing stuff.

  5. Yum. That looks good. My girls love blueberries, but the last time I made blueberry muffins they wouldn't touch it. Go figure.

    Kayla now takes her Leapster. I always keep a basket of books in the car. Coloring books - I like color wonder for the car too b/c it's not messy. And we have some noisy abnoxious toys in there too. Bad on the driver, but they keep the girls entertained. :)