Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Flu and Cemeteries

I do not recommend celebrating Memorial Day weekend with a bout of stomach flu sweeping through your family. Try to avoid doing that, if at all possible. Also, the stomach flu and blogging do not mix. Tell your friends.

I do recommend learning more about graveyard gardening as a possible summertime activity for all of you gardeners. There was an article in our local paper yesterday called, "Reconsidering Cemeteries as Public Gardens." The article says that "a movement is afoot to go beyond one day a year [Memorial Day] of decoration. As cities become more crowded, urban graveyards across America are reevaluated. Their potential as public gardens...cannot be denied.... Those who long to cultivate floral beauty but lack their own space or funds may find these public places an ideal opportunity to gather, plant and socialize in the process." The article also pointed out that cemeteries are full of rare, old rose and bulb varieties.

The New Hampshire Old Graveyard Association has information on improving conditions at your local historic cemetery. Another site to check out is Saving Graves. I've always been fascinated by old cemeteries, and this seems like a neat way to take care of them and do some fun gardening at the same time.

P.S. I'm in for June 4th's Monday Mission.


  1. I am smelly and sweaty from working in my own aspiring garden. Need to get it finished cuz the tomatoes are ready to go in! So send anyone who is a little hesitant about the cemeteary thing my way - I could use the help! Ben=not such a good "helper."

  2. Oh yes, our garden is awash with weeds. Eli "helped" pick all of the heads off the daisies this afternoon. To his credit, he did try to put them back on.