Saturday, July 14, 2012

Midsummer update

Dairy-free goodness:
Chocolate Moon Pies are dairy free (don't know about vanilla or banana flavors).  This. is. EPIC.
Frozen cherry-berry/lemonade drinks at McDonald's are dairy free, and the smoothies can be made dairy free. A very nice employee showed us how the machine works without our asking.  Each flavor has its own tube.   The yogurt is piped in from its own tube into the cups, so there is no worry of cross contamination.  Just ask for a smoothie with no yogurt and extra ice.
When the kids cashed in their summer reading tickets at Taco Bell, the young woman behind the counter lectured another employee on the severity of food allergies and how the dairy-free order we placed must be handled with extra care.  
I am LOVING all of these young people (because I am old) in the work force who understand food allergies.  I predict even more understanding as the years go by.

Checked off of summer to-do list:
library summer reading program
two weeks of VBS
blueberry picking--twice
wild blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry picking
swimming in the neighbors' new pool
swim lessons
cleaning out stuff and making over $200 at a yard sale
replaced twenty year-old leaking fridge
fourteen-year wedding anniversary

Looking forward to more of the same, plus:
family wedding
putting bunk beds in the boys' room
getting AC installed!
summer birthdays
county fair
getting my computer back from the clutches of my children


  1. I think people are becoming so much more understanding and compassionate, as opposed to the older generation who are like "Well, there's just a LITTLE bit of (fill in the allergen blank) in here - she'll be fine."

  2. Banana and vanilla are dairy-free too. The mini ones are one of my go-to lunch box treats. Moon pies and R.C. cola also are great for space-themed kid parties. Maybe throw in some Tang. Love the McDonald's tips!

  3. Busy summer lady! Glad so many good things have been going on.

    I tried that cherry-berry chiller - so sweet! Nice though that there are more df options.

    Ahem! You (we!!) are NOT old :)

  4. Summer is half over and your to-do list reminded me I haven't made a to-do list yet. Oh no! No wonder we've done hardly anything since returning from our family vacation. Guess I have to get busy and put some things on a list or this summer will be over before I know it.

    1. You must not have children who delight in making lists for everything, including summer vacation.