Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When Tuesday feels like Monday

Thanksgiving is over, and we survived having everyone here for dinner again.  We also survived the rainy five-day weekend.  Barely.

Did you know that if you do something holiday-related with children just once it becomes an unbreakable tradition?  Choose your Christmas morning breakfast carefully, is what I'm saying.  I was not at all ready for our 'tradition' of decorating the house on the Monday after Thanksgiving, but there I was, shoulder-deep in our holiday decor closet.  I did take the opportunity to ditch a trash bag's worth of broken/nasty crap treasure.  SHHH.

I plan to go to the post office today and finally mail my CDP.  An added bonus for the recipient is that the longer it takes me to get it in the mail the more stuff I add to it.

Our leftovers are almost gone.  I'm going to make a double batch of Catherine Newman's Yamberry Muffins today with the last of the cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes.  I also have turkey bones in the freezer for soup.  Other than that, it's time to start cooking again.  *sigh*

We let the kids each choose a kind of Christmas cookie to make, and Eli wants to make gingerbread men.  I cannot wait to give him these ninjabread men cookie cutters.
(Which were only $7.50 when I bought them.  Oh, Amazon.  You and your wacky price changes.)

Speaking of Eli: "Mom, how come in stories the future is a place, but in real life it's just what happens next?"  Indeed.


  1. I *did* know that doing something festive equals unbreakable tradition. This is why our stockings are hung in a particular order and will be until the end of time.

    Glad K got the part! How exciting for her.

  2. Loving the ninjabread men.

    Congrats to K!

  3. I think I have to write Eli's quote down. The future is both a place AND what happens next. Exciting! (Smart kid.)

  4. I am emailing my husband Eli's sage quote. Wowzers, that is a smart little dude.

  5. Yay for sending CDP! That made me happy when I read your comment today: another box going out into the world to make someone happy =)!

    PLEASE, PLEASE tell me that your dishwasher might possibly have resembled mine just a little when you took it apart!! I can't help thinking it was MY FAULT somehow, but if yours looked similar then I am off the hook for feeling guilty about that =)!

  6. Those cookie cutters are awesome! How cool is that that they changed the role from boy to girl just for her?!

  7. Congratulations on the play.

    The unbreakable tradition made me laugh - very true in our house as well.