Monday, March 21, 2011

Nice move, Mickey

I had a happy-go-lucky post in mind, but then Disney cancelled Catherine Newman's Dalai Mama Dishes column, which is my favorite recipe column and the ONLY reason I go to Disney

If you've ever read and enjoyed her column, please go tell them how you feel. That is, if you are actually able to log in and leave a comment.

You can still find Catherine at her personal blog.


  1. It was the only reason I went there as well. This is just now occuring to me as perhaps counter to their goals. Weren't we supposed to go visit Catherine and then...surely through the course of events end up buying something.

    I don't know. Stinks.

  2. I'm so crabby about this, too. I love Catherine Newman enough that I even set up a stupid ACCOUNT there to be able to comment, and it was the most astonishing hassle I think I've ever been through online, and then I pretty much never commented again because I had such an aversion built up. And now I'm worried Disney is canceling it because there weren't enough comments, when really the problem was THE STUPID REGISTRATION and STUPID COMMENT SYSTEM, not to mention the STUPID NOT BEING ABLE TO SUBSCRIBE TO AN RSS FEED thing.


  3. HA HA--just read Misty's comment! HEE. Yes, I guess I too was failing to serve the goal. Crap. It was such a good rallying cry, too: "I ONLY WENT THERE FOR CATHERINE!!" Now I guess we should change it to include "...AND TO CLICK THROUGH TO OTHER GREAT DISNEY PRODUCTS AND/OR SERVICES!"

  4. Maybe so, but then Disney should understand that's not how a RECIPE COLUMN works. They should have had her shilling their products instead. "Here are Ben and Birdy modeling their fabulous new Disney PJs while watching UP...."

  5. I KNOW. I never used that site for anything else and I never will. Bah. What morons. Do you hear me, Disney? YOU ARE MORONS.

  6. Same here. I only logged onto that site to read HER, and I hardly ever bothered to attempt to comment on it. I was more likely to comment on her blog.

    My husband says it all the time, "Disney is EVIL." Here is MORE proof for him.

    Seriously, how much money could they have made on a Dalai Mama Cookbook? TONS. Dumb, Disney, dumb.