Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Three Book Reviews

Alternative title: I suck, but these books sure don't!

Yeah. Don't send me anything if you want a timely review. I think that's the lesson to be learned here. Sigh.

ANYWAY. On to three cheerful children's allergy books! The Bugabees: Friends With Food Allergiesby Amy Recob is an incredibly cutely illustrated book about bug friends, each of whom has a food allergy. The end of the rhyming book has talking points about each of the allergies. I think this would be a great book for young classrooms to introduce them to food allergies.
Dairy-Free Dino-Licious Dig
from the No Biggie Bunch by Heather Mehra and Kerry McManama by is more appropriate for a dairy-allergic child, as it teaches how to be proactive in situations where you can't eat the provided snack. Also cutely illustrated, it is part of a series of books on different food allergies.

Why am I Different?: My First Allergy Book is by Naomi Antenucci, who probably sticks pins in my blog on a nightly basis because she sent me her lovely book FOREVER ago. This IS a wonderful first allergy book for young children, as it introduces them to the basics of being food allergic. It has simple language and illustrations appropriate for little ones.

Any of these would be great Christmas presents for a teacher or child. For a book that focuses on the emotional side of being allergic, check out Gina Clowes's One Of The Gang: Nurturing the Souls of Children with Food Allergies.


  1. You do NOT suck. Those books look great!

    I hope you're doing well. I can't even imagine how busy life must be for you!!

  2. I really liked the Why Am I Different? book. I bought it a while ago and my Jelly Bean loves it.

    Now I want to get him the Bug book for Christmas.

  3. I hadn't seen the No Biggie Bunch books yet but like the drawing style. Freebie people need to realize that if there are pictures of kids on a blog then deadlines are meaningless.