Monday, October 18, 2010

Twenty minutes

5:20 pm--Notice wet, warm feeling on leg while holding baby on lap. Pat baby on back to calm him. Notice wet, warm feeling on hand.
5:21--Change baby into spare changing bag outfit so you don't have to go upstairs.
5:23--Put diaper in trash.
5:25--Hear loud noise in baby's pants, much like the one he made during the prayers of the people Sunday at church.
5:26--Ask children to bring another outfit down for their brother.
5:27--Start to undress baby. Decide to take him upstairs for a bath.
5:36--Bring baby back downstairs where his outfit is.
5:37--Baby peepees all over towel, couch, your shirt, his clean outfit. Yay, slipcovers.
5:38--Child delivering another outfit from upstairs accidentally steps in growing diaper/laundry pile, gets poopoo on sock, carpet.
5:40--Look at huge laundry pile. Wonder when husband will arrive home with box of wine.


  1. Well, at least you know the baby is getting enough to eat by the voluminous bowel movements and urine! That's the one thing I remember from when my kids were babies - the constant checking of the diapers to see if they were getting "enough".

    That's a hectic twenty minutes, though.

  2. And also, at least you're wondering about your wine box at 5:40 pm, rather than 5:40 am! Silver lining...

  3. wine rocks! takes the edge off.

    this totally cracked me up (and made me glad my youngest is 5 - sorry!).

  4. And there are actually people out there who wonder what a mom could possibly do with all her time at home with her children. Ha!

  5. This morning my son woke up and removed his pooped in Pull Up before I got to his room. He had a bath and I had the carpets scrubbed and a load of laundry done all before 7am. Ah, motherhood. Too bad drinking that early is frowned upon.

  6. Oh my. AJU6 only peed on the towel once and pooped on it a second time. I was lucky. Sounds like you need a relaxing evening (or at least a productive one of laundry).

  7. We are finally to the point where a lot of the dampness fades. Although I did have to scrub poop out of the carpet last week...

  8. My one and only child's teething is driving me to drinks. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it....

    I've got to say you're making me procrastinate just a little more on the second born...